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Vibro lipo - FAQ

Updated May 13, 2019

When can I return to everyday activities?

Regarding vibro lipo, the recovery time is very quick and flows smoothly. After a few days all pain, swelling, and bleeding disappear. You will need to wear a special compression garment for several weeks. But after about 5 days you can go back to work and return to your everyday activities. The only restriction is avoiding exhausting activities for several weeks after the surgery.

How much is Vibro lipo?

The price of Vibro Liposuction varies depending on the country. In Poland clinics offer one of the most affordable prices for Vibro lipoplasty, which on average are 597 GBP. The prices may be lower as well as higher – it all depends on which and how many body parts are included and whether vibro lipo is combined with other plastic surgery.

Do the effects last for a lifetime?

The fat cells which are removed during the surgery do never grow back. If you put on weight in the future, the fat cells grow in other body parts.

Am I a good candidate for vibro lipo?

The ideal candidates for power assisted liposculpture are in good health condition and are not more than 11 kilos overweight. Also, vibro lipo is a perfect solution for those who have fat cumulated in a particular body part. Nonetheless, vibro lipo can be really effective in almost every patient. The surgeon always discusses with the patient whether vibro lipo is a good solution.

Is Vibro lipo abroad safe?

Vibro liposuction is one of the safest methods of liposuction. The advanced technology and coordination with anaesthesiological system make the risks minimum. Not only does vibro lipo guarantees safety and comfort during the surgery, but also it enhances and facilitates the recovery process.

Why should I choose Vibro-Liposculpture?

Vibro lipo is the most advanced technique regarding liposuction. It allows for the fast, precise and highly effective treatment. The surgery time is really short, about 2 hours, the recovery process is shorter than in other liposuction techniques. You may go back to work even 5 days after the surgery. What is more, vibro lipo allows for shaping and removing fat from small body parts, e.g. inner thighs or chin.

How much weight can I lose?

On average vibro lipo can effectively remove about 4,5 litres of fat from one body part, which is about 4kg. Nonetheless, you should remember that the number of kilograms you may lose depends on which and how many body parts you have liposuction on.

Will I have scars after vibro lipo abroad?

For vibro lipo the surgeon uses a really thin cannula, thus the made incisions are small. Usually, the incisions are 2-3mm long, and after recovery process, the scars are almost invisible and indistinguishable from your natural skin.

What does the price for vibro lipo in Poland include?

The price for vibro lipo in Poland includes the surgery itself, the consultation with the doctor, all necessary medical tests, all medications you need to take during your stay, a night in the clinic after the surgery and post-surgery visit at the doctors.

What type of anaesthesia is used during vibro lipo abroad?

Vibro liposuction surgery is so technologically advanced that the local anaesthesia with sedation is, by all means, enough. As a result the recovery process is much shorter. Power assisted liposuction may require general anaesthesia only when it involves more than one body part or is combined with other plastic surgery, e.g. breast augmentation.

For how long should I stay in Poland?

To have vibro lipo done in Poland you need to stay in the country for a week. During the consultation, the surgeon will explain you all steps of the procedure and take medical tests. The next day the surgery is usually performed. You need to stay for 4 more days so that the surgeon will be able to see how healing goes. If you have any question concerning vibro lipo in Poland do not hesitate to contact us!

Justyna Zastapilo

Justyna is a very open person and likes to talk to people. That's why she decided to become a patient adviser. She has comprehensive knowledge about medical procedures performed abroad.
+44 748 315 53 08

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