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      SmartLipo – All you need to know

      Updated May 13, 2019

      lipo abroadNowadays, more and more plastic surgery options are available to the public. If you are interested in getting rid of your extra fat in certain areas, you may be excited to learn more about SmartLipo surgery in Poland. If you would like to know more about SmartLipo, please see our article below. We tried to answer all the questions about the procedure and we hope that it will give you clarity concerning your plastic surgery abroad choice.

      SmartLipo definition:

      SmartLipo abroad is a new alternative to traditional liposuction. The procedure is done using laser beam, which is an innovative technique of getting rid of fat cells. SmartLipo was developed in Europe and has been approved by FDA in 2006. Since then many more surgeons have been trained in laser lipectomy and can offer their patients a wider range of treatment options. 

      Benefits of Smart Lipo surgery:

      SmartLipo, thanks to laser using, offers you a great deal of benefits:

      • much shorter recovery time
      • just one tiny incision is made
      • scar after the surgery will be very small and almost unnoticeable
      • there is no need to apply general anaesthesia
      • the results after the procedure appear almost immediately
      • the overall stay in Poland is shorter than in traditional liposuction

      SmartLipo, of course, has much more benefits. You can also ask the surgeon about other types of liposuction or plastic surgeries like tummy tuck in Poland.  If you want to know more details and information about SmartLipo in Poland, contact us. Our patient advisers will be more than happy to help you.

       SmartLipo candidates

      The good candidate profile is almost the same as in any other liposuctions. Your weight should not be too excessive (up to 30 pounds of additional weight is allowed). Additionally, you should not suffer from any serious diseases and your general health needs to be in a good condition. Also, the doctors recommend that you keep a stable weight for about a year before your SmartLipo surgery in Poland.

       SmartLipo prices

      The price of laser lipectomy differs depending on the involved body part. On average, SmartLipo surgery price starts from 1200 GBP, but it can change. The cost may increase when more than 1 body part is operated or when the surgery is to be complex and demanding. Also, every clinic offers individual starting price for liposuction. Nevertheless, the price for SmartLipo in Poland is much lower than in Germany, Norway or UK. If you look for a cheap laser liposuction performed in a high standard clinic, you should have SmartLipo done in Poland.


      SmartLipo procedure:

      SmartLipo procedure is quite simple. A surgeon makes a very small incision in the desired area. Via this incision, the surgeon inserts a cannula (small tube), which is used to introduce the laser. Laser beam is pointed to fatty areas and the fat cells are destroyed inside of your body. After the first part of this procedure, the surgeon drains the liquid fat out of your body. The last step in SmartLipo surgery is to close the incision and apply dressing to the wound.

       Before the SmartLipo surgery:

      There is a bunch of recommendations before SmartLipo in Poland. You must not take any aspirin or medications containing it. Drinking alcohol is forbidden for 72 hours before and after the procedure. If you smoke, you should stop or significantly reduce doing it for two weeks before as well as after your SmartLipo. Of course, you will be informed in advance about all instructions that need to be followed before and after the SmartLipo in Poland.

       Required medical tests:

      You must perform standard medical tests before the surgery. The tests include:

      • urine analysis
      • serum glucose
      • coagulogram (APTT, INR)
      • SR (sedimentation rate)
      • HCV
      • electrolytes levels
      • Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.)
      • HIV
      • HBs
      • blood morphology
      • blood group

       Length of SmartLipo procedure:

      Laser liposuction surgery usually last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the involved area (and number of areas) of your body. This type of liposuction, however, is a shorter procedure than a traditional liposuction.

      Type of anesthesia:

      SmartLipo surgery does not require general anaesthesia and can be performed with the use of local anaesthesia. The particular body part will be numbed, so that you will not feel any pain during incision making and the surgery itself. You will need to rest in the clinic for several hours after the SmartLipo surgery, but you will be allowed to leave the clinic the same day.

      Stay in the clinic:

      SmartLipo in Poland is performed under local anaesthesia, hence you do not have to stay in the clinic long. You can leave the clinic even the same day and rest in a hotel.

      Minimal stay for SmartLipo in Poland:

      If you have chosen SmartLipo, you save not only money, but also time. It is enough if you come for 3 days to Poland to have your laser liposuction. There is no need to stay in Poland for 5-6 days as in the traditional liposuction, so it is easier for you to arrange your trip!

      Back to work:

      After SmartLipo, you can go back to your everyday life really soon. You are allowed to start work even 2 days after your laser liposuction. You just need to be careful about the healing of the incision site.

      SmartLipo results:

      Laser lipectomy offers almost immediate results! After the surgery, you can notice visible loss of fat in the desired area. However, more noticeable results can be seen after 4-6 months when everything heals.

       After the SmartLipo surgery:

      After SmartLipo surgery, any intense exercises and training need to be avoided for at least one month. You should keep a balanced diet – drink liquids and eat only balanced meals. Apart from that, you need to take care of the wound, so that it heals properly. 

      Liposuction in Poland – before and after gallery

      SmartLipo risks and complications:

      Even though, SmartLipo is performed using local anesthesia, you should realise that there are some possible risks and complications, such as:

      • Bruising and swelling
      • Infections
      • Hematoma

      Also, in extremely rare cases, the patient may experience excessive bleeding, shock and burns of the skin around the surgery area. However, please remember that those cases are extremely scarce in SmartLipo procedure.

      We hope that after reading all those important information, you will have a clear picture of your SmartLipo abroad. Yet, if you have any other concerns, feel free to get into contact with Beauty Poland patient advisers. We will answer all your questions!


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