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    SmartLipo Poland

    Updated March 15, 2022

    Reviewed by Tomasz Klos, MD

    Nowadays, many people are looking for a quick and safe solution to change their body. Look no more! We would like to present to you one of our many available options to shape your silhouette. SmartLipo in Poland is a groundbreaking surgery that can help you look your best for the summer. Below we will provide you with 5 reasons to choose Poland for SmartLipo procedure.

    SmartLipo involves smaller incisions than a traditional liposuction.

    The surgery is performed through a few small incisions, made on the body part that will undergo the surgery. Special tube (cannula) is inserted into the incision and a laser beam breaks apart fat cells. SmartLipo offers less bleeding, bruising and swelling! This small incision will heal very fast and leave almost an invisible scar. Another great advantage of doing Smart lipectomy is tighter skin around the area of liposuction. We hope that the effects of this procedure will give you your confidence back.

    This procedure helps you get rid of “stubborn” fat.

    We all know how hard it is to lose the last fat that has accumulated and does not want to go away even with hours of exercise. Thanks to Smart lipoplasty you can have this fat taken away during one simple and short procedure. This procedure is ideal in this kind of problems. SmartLipo is recommended in:

    • abdomen,
    • hips,
    • thighs,
    • buttocks,
    • knees,
    • back,
    • upper arms,
    • breast
    • and even the neck and the face.

    If you desire, you can have SmartLipo performed on more than one area during one procedure or combine it with other plastic surgery like a tummy tuck in Poland.

    – Smart Lipo Poland reviews:

    Great surgeon and great effects of smart lipo!

    I had smart lipo done on my thighs and I am very pleased with results! I was awake during the procedure, so I healed really fast - which is great cause I needed to go back to work as fast as possible. The surgeon done a great job and now I have this beautiful gap between my thighs! I cannot wait for the summer 🙂

    Emma, UK

    Smart lipo on my tummy – 6 days after.

    I got my smart lipo on my tummy. I am 6 days after surgery. The day after the surgery I saw changes, I was slimmer!! Now I'm very swollen. Doctor explained me everything well. I know I will get bigger and then and will go smaller so I'm not bugging out just yet. The doctor, nurses and clinic stuff, all have been awesome and extremely nice and helpfull. Everyone says I will see difference within next 2 weeks. Can not wait!!!!

    Aneta, Dover, UK

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    Get the insurance for liposuction abroad:

    SmartLipo is a great alternative to standard liposuction.

    If you are worried about general anesthesia, but you still want to have liposuction performed then SmartLipo abroad is a great idea. There If you are worried about general anesthesia, but you still want to have liposuction performed then SmartLipo abroad is a great idea. There are a few differences between SmartLipo and standard liposuction. The main one is the technique used in both liposuctions. Also, the recovery time after the procedures differs. Also, smart lipo can tighten the skin apart from fat removal.

    SmartLipo guarantees fast healing.

    Thanks to using local anesthesia, you can go back home even on the next day. Not using general anesthesia eliminates possible complications and allows you to go back home as soon as possible. Smart liposuction abroad offers you faster healing time, which means that you can return to normal after a day or two.

    Prices for SmartLipo in Poland are much lower than in the UK or Germany.

    Sometimes it is difficult to choose the best destination for your Laser liposuction. One factor that can help you with your decision is the cost of the procedure. In Poland, you may find one of the lowest prices in Europe! Affordable price comes with the great experience of our surgeons and up-to-date equipment. Do not hesitate to contact one of our patient advisers to get a detailed quotation for your lipo! Poland is a perfect destination for cheap smart lipo.

    – SmartLipo Poland price – comparison:




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    Justyna Zastapilo