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Liposuction Wroclaw

5 reasons to choose liposuction in Wroclaw with Beauty Poland

liposuction in Wroclaw 1. Well equipped clinics

Our beauty clinic in Wroclaw has excellent specialists who would be more than happy to advise you about your potential surgery. They only use modern and tested tools and equipment to ensure the best treatment possible. Everything is performed in a  friendly, welcoming atmosphere as individual treatment is one of our main rules.

 2. Wide choice

Liposuction, also known as liposculpture, noticeably improves one’s figure through the precise removal of isolated deposits of fat. Women mainly decide to have performed on the abdomen liposuction and thighs whereas men predominantly decide to have the abdomen and flanks improved. Don’t be afraid of asking any questions and discussing the procedure thoroughly with the doctor since there are several types of liposuction (e.g tumescent liposuction, wet liposuction, dry liposuction, powered liposuction ). 

 3. TOP class specialists

Our doctors are well recognized for their experience and achievements. Our clinics in Wroclaw offer you specialist care, but also support and understanding which are particularly important when it comes to such delicate treatments as aesthetic medicines. Together we will go through your medical history and recommend consultations with specialists from other medical fields if needed.

 4. Boost your self confidence

After many months of being on a demanding diet you still have these spare fat deposits? You hate your “love handles”? Consider a liposuction in Wroclaw. Our surgeons will help you get rid of that unneeded problem and you will see on your own that fat doesn’t have to make you spend sleepless nights worrying about your appearance. Regain your perfect body shape in Wroclaw.

 5. Save up to 70% when compared to the prices in Norway or the UK

Our clinics are known for their professional approach, but also affordable prices which are an additional advantage. We offer you services that meet all European standards and are available for everyone as well. You can spend the saved money for example on extending your knowledge about our region and visiting the most interesting places in Wroclaw.

Liposuction in Wroclaw – before and after gallery

TOP 3 tourist attractions in Wroclaw that you must see after getting liposuction done:

The Wroclaw's Dwarfs 1. Dwarfs

– Wroclaw is known for those little gnomes hidden in the city space. Can you find them all?

Market Square wroclaw 2. The Main Square

– this is one of the most attractive places in Wroclaw. In here you can get some rest and have lunch or buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

 Wroclaw University Botanical Garden3. Wroclaw University Botanical Garden

– this place is attractive even if plants don’t seem to be interesting to you, because the unique species and compositions will not fail to amaze you.


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Beauty Poland
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by John J. on Beauty Poland
I don't regret my decision!

My surgeon did a wonderful job. Even though the swelling is still going down it's a huge difference. I'm happy with my results and I don't regret my decision!

by Alice D. Torbay on Beauty Poland
Down three sizes!

Despite my best efforts, I couldn't lose any weight and was sick and tired of being forced to wear spanx all-the-time! I couldn’t afford liposuction in my country so I decided to look for plastic surgery abroad. I found Beauty Poland on the internet. My consultant helped me to organize everything. The staff in the clinic was very helpful, the room was comfortable. My doctor created perfect curves through my waist and hips. I am down three sizes!

by K. Bishop on Beauty Poland
Helpful staff

I was tired of being unhappy with how I look. My friend advised me plastic surgery abroad. I found Beauty Poland on the internet and left a request. In one hour they called me and we made an appointment in their plastic surgery clinic in Wroclaw. My doctor answered all my questions in English, the staff was very helpful. Everything was professional and fast. I love my new body!

by Susan, Ayr on Beauty Poland
Pleasant and informative staff!

Everyone I have met was very nice. Doctor and the staff were very pleasant, informative. It's clear your happiness is important to them!

by Millie on Beauty Poland
Can wear anything I want!

I found Beauty Poland on google. I was comfortable with what I read and what they told me and decided to move forward with my liposuction in Wroclaw. Now I am down 2 sizes and can wear anything I want!!!

by Lucy, G.B. on Beauty Poland
Amazing result!

I had lipo on my thighs. So glad I went through all that. Now I can wear a bathing suit in public!

by Smith on Beauty Poland
The best decision I've ever made

I had always had problems with my stomach area, even at my lowest weight. I finally came to summation that I wanted to go forth with liposuction. And it was the best decision I've ever made! Everything in my plastic surgery clinic in Wroclaw was very professional! And the price was moch lower than in my country!

by Emilia on Beauty Poland
Great results!

Liposuction is something I've wanted to do for YEARS! Its been 3 months since I had my surgery in plastic surgery clinic in Wroclaw. And I love the results!

by Jane, Norwich on Beauty Poland
Great Clinic!

I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy, I tried a lot of diets and workouts but it never helped. So I decided to make a liposuction and found Beauty Poland on the internet. My consultant advised me to go to the plastic surgery clinic in Wroclaw. The clinic was modern and clean. My doctor answers all my questions before and after the surgery. I would highly recommend Beauty Poland to anyone!

by J.M. on Beauty Poland
Nice Staff!

Very nice staff. Clean and modern clinic!

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