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Labiaplasty - all you need to know

Updated December 28, 2018

Labiaplasty is an aesthetic surgery which allows to reduce the size or shape of the labia minora or labia majora. As a result, uncomfortable and painful defects are removed and aesthetics of vulva is significantly increased.

Best candidate for labiaplasty

If you feel that your labia minora or labia majora deprive you of your attractiveness and sense of self-worth, you are a good candidate for labial reduction. Additionally, if you feel that they cause discomfort during such activities as sex, cycling, or while wearing tight underwear and clothes, the only solution could be having labial reduction surgery.

Benefits of labiaplasty

After the labial reduction, skin maintains the natural and aesthetic look. It is also as elastic as before the operation because the tissues of labia parts not affected by the surgery remain intact. Thanks to labial reduction, women rebuild their sense of self-worth and confidence, as well as the functionality of the physical condition of the body is increased.

Labiaplasty price

The prices for labiaplasty vary depending on the country. As a result, many women decide to have the labial reduction surgery abroad. In Poland, clinics follow high European standards and at the same time offer one of the most affordable prices for labiaplasty in Europe. The price for labiaplasty starts from 435 EUR.

Minimal stay in Poland

It is recommended that for labiaplasty women stay for 6 days in Poland. During the first day they have a consultation and medical tests, also if they wish, there can consult sexologist or psychologist. On the second they there is a surgery and after 2-3 days women have one more visit at the clinic so that the surgeon makes sure there are no complications or infections.

Labiaplasty – procedure

During the surgery, the doctor precisely chooses the incision lines so that the scars are invisible afterwards. There are two methods used with regard to labial reduction surgery.

  • Edge resection technique. The excessive tissue is trimmed out from the edge of labia minora or labia majora. It is a very precise method, but the natural look of labial edges might be sometimes taken away.
  • Central wedge resection technique. In this method, the surgeon cuts a wedge from a thicker section of the labia, and then the two sides are stitched together, as a result of which the overall length is reduced. This method retains the natural look of labia, but the risk of under or over correction is increased.

Type of anaesthesia

Labial reduction surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and seduction. However, if a woman feels she is not able to bear the surgery under local anaesthesia, then the surgeon can use general anaesthesia.

Length of labiaplasty surgery

The labiaplasty operation lasts from 45 min. to 2,5 hours depending on the complexity and scale of the operation.

Required medical tests

Before the surgery, it is necessary to do medical tests. The tests include blood group, blood morphology, coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, HBs, HCV, HIV. On their basis, the doctor qualifies a woman for the labiaplasty surgery.


Labiaplasty allows for reduction of the size and reshaping labia minora. As a result, their aesthetic appearance is significantly improved, which boost confidence, attractiveness and eliminates complexes. Moreover, it enhances sexual activity sensations. Regarding health, labiaplasty surgery eliminates the feeling of discomfort during sports activities and enables women to wear tight underwear and fitted clothes.

Stay in the clinic

Regardless of the method, the surgeon uses dissolvable stitches, hence the scarring after the labiaplasty operation is not intense. There is no need to stay in the clinic for a night. Hence, unless the doctor recommends otherwise, a woman can leave the clinic the day of the surgery.

Labial reduction – risks and complications

Labial reduction is a surgery, therefore it involves some degree of risk. Sometimes minor bleeding or infections occur after the surgery. The more serious risks are: labial asymmetry, under or over correction, decreased sensation, nerve damaging, dyspareunia.

After labiaplasty surgery

Within a week after the surgery soring, swelling and bruising occur. Swelling results from the fact that before the surgery doctor inserts fluid to the tissues in order to make them bigger. The inconveniences may be reduced by painkillers and ice compress. What is more, you might feel uncomfortable when passing urine for several days.

Labiaplasty recovery

During the first week after the labiaplasty, you will wear a panty liner as extra protection. For the 4 weeks you ought to avoid tampons and wear loose underwear and clothing. It is recommended to rest for one week after the surgery, avoid exhausting exercises for a month, and refrain from sexual activities for 6 weeks.

Back to work

Labiaplasty is a regular surgery, thus you need some time for recovery. Nonetheless, this time is relatively short. On average, women are able to go back to work a week after the operation. This time, however, depends on individual predispositions. Sometimes women need less than a week, sometimes they require up to two weeks off work.

Labiaplasty abroad

Labiaplasty abroad is a perfect solution in terms of economical reasons. In Poland, this surgery costs less than in the vast majority of European countries. At the same time, the quality of surgery is impressively high and follows the best European standards. What is more, women are taken care of from the very beginning of the arrival till the end by our patient advisors and clinic personnel. We offer also all-inclusive package deals, where you do not have to worry about accommodation and transportation during the whole stay, as you have it provided by our company. We assist you for your whole stay in Poland.

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