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      Hair Transplant in Tukey – DHI technique

      Updated March 15, 2022

      man after DHI hair transplantDirect Hair Implantation (DHI) is the hair transplant procedure during which hair follicles are extracted from a donor area of a head by utilizing the tiny device and then transplanted to the recipient area with another microdevice.

      The benefits of DHI method are:

      • advanced and at the same time simple procedure
      • the effects are 100% natural
      • minimal postoperative care needed
      • the procedure is done painlessly and very quickly
      • there is no need for reception holes thanks to using a special DHI implantation
      • scarring is minimal
      • it is the least invasive procedure
      • it involves almost no infection risk
      • there is a high rate of hair follicles survival

      Considering the above, more and more patients look for specifically DHI hair transplant abroad. Below, you will find 5 reasons why DHI hair transplant is good for you.

      The DHI group is trustwothy

      DHI is the most advanced and innovative group regarding hair transplant in the world. It was founded in 1970 in California, USA and since then has been studying the techniques of hair restoration. Numerous scientists, academicians, researchers, and the most important, doctors have been involved in this group. They pride themselves on making a breakthrough in hair transplant, which is proved by over 50 research papers. Nowadays, DHI is a certified group performing hair transplant procedures worldwide. The organisations that have given their approval to DHI are e.g. ISO, UK CQC, and numerous Public Universities.

      Get the insurance for hair transplant abroad:

      The DHI technique is very effective

      DHI Group managed to develop the technique of hair transplant that allows for achieving totally natural results. DHI is a technique certified by ISO. It removes hair follicles separately, one-by-one, from the donor area (usually the back or side of the head) and precisely re-plants them into the recipient area (the bald area) so that the hairline and density of hair is restored. The procedure is done with the use of special patented, single-use devices. The hair transplant is possible with local anaesthesia, it does not require any scalpel use, any stitches and does not leave any scars. Thanks to DHI it is possible to restore the angle, depth, density and direction of the hair, as a result of which patients achieve totally natural effects. The hair that is implanted never falls. The procedure is totally safe and involves absolutely none side effects. It is performed by a team of professionals having undergone a training for DHI procedure and numerous courses. Their experience and knowledge are approved by renowned associations and organisations.

      DHI Total Care System makes this procedure safe

      DHI Total Care System is a top quality standardization system for hair transplant in the world. There are 3 main principles that are scrupulously followed by this system. These are Education, Transparency and Innovation. We give you detailed information before, during and after the procedure and offer a total care and support at every stage.

      Before DHI procedure

      Each patient gets detailed information about DHI. We answer all the questions and resolve all doubts. We would like to make patients aware of all the nuances of the DHI method so that they can make a willful and rational decision. We always take into consideration 4 factors while informing the patient, mainly medical, psychological, mathematical, and artistic. Patients have explained the results that can be achieved, the details of the procedure itself as well as all other aspects that are vital for him.

      During DHI procedure

      All the protocols of DHI procedure on the hair extraction and hair implantation are fine-tuned in order to help patients achieve the best results. We follow strict codes on various aspects of the DHI procedure. Thanks to that, we are able to adopt right depth, angles, density and directions and finally, we can achieve the totally natural look.

      After the procedure

      Our DHI specialists welcome patients for follow up visits, thanks to which we could monitor the growth of hair. Any concerns after the procedure are immediately clarified and explained. Each patient is provided with extensive instructions to follow after the procedure, which allows for achieving the most satisfying results.

      Results of DHI are excellent and the price is affordable

      There are plenty of hair transplant techniques, and many of them merely or even do not involve the transfer of follicles. DHI procedure, on the other hand, allows for combining the perfect precision and art in implementing follicles. DHI advantage is the natural hair growth – the density, waviness, angle and shape of the hair is 100% as your natural hair. Also, the hair growth lasts for the rest of your life, just like in case of natural hair. The density that is achieved after DHI is the main asset. It involves even 90 grafts in 1cm², which is twice of a strip cut. The angles of transplanted hair is compatible with the angles of naturally growing hair. At present, there is no method of hair transplant that would be safer and more effective than DHI.

      Furthermore, DHI in Turkey is cost effective. DHI in Istanbul costs onlu 2050 GBP per 2000 grafts.In the comparsion to the UK price it is very cheap. In British clinics price of the same procedure is between 10000 and 12000 GBP.

      DHI is better than FUE

      DHI is an innovative and ameliorated version of FUE hair transplant. It is important to realise the difference between the two procedures before making the final decision. DHI in Turkey is performed with a special pen (implantation) which accurately controls the depth, angle, direction of the follicles, which allows for achieving the most natural look. In FUE procedure, the grafts are kept in a special solution after being extracted and after some time, they are implanted to the canals that are opened in the recipient area. In DHI, the taken grafts are immediately implanted to the recipient area, so the step of opening canals is omitted. Thanks to excluding this step, the DHI is the completely bloodless procedure. It is possible to implant even 80-90 grafts per 1cm², while in FUE only 40-60 can be implanted. As a result, the area treated with FUE can get 1000 grafts and with DHI, the same area can get 2000 grafts. If there is a need to implant more than 2000 grafts in DHI, the procedure needs to be divided into 2 or more sessions, as 2000 grafts are maximum for this procedure. In FUE, even 5000 grafts can be transplanted during one session. The main advantage of DHI over FUE is no need of shaving the donor area and a short recovery time stemming from the fact that DHI is a bloodless procedure.

      If you are fed up with the constant hair loss and look for a cheap and effective method of improving your look, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer affordable DHI in Turkey abroad that will provide you with excellent results. We are eager to help you restore your look, self-confidence and improve your life quality. We will not only organise your DHI procedure abroad but also help you with the accommodation and travel. Our clinics are situated in fascinating, cosmopolitan cities with easy flight access from numerous countries, so we encourage you to combine your cheap DHI hair transplant Turkey with short holidays!


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