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Gastric Sleeve Poland - FAQ

What is a sleeve gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a type of weight loss surgery. With this surgery, patient with obesity can lose weight. The aim of the surgery is to make a person feel fool sooner and eat less, which is done by the removing a part of the stomach. The surgery is known as one of the most popular weight loss surgeries.

What are the benefits of sleeve gastrectomy?

Gastric sleeve surgery has few benefits over other weight loss surgeries. First of all, unlike gastric bypass Poland, sleeve gastrectomy does not make permanent changes to the digestive system which means that all of the food and nutrients will be fully-absorbed into the body. Another benefit is that gastric sleeve procedure does not require as many follow-ups as other weight loss surgeries like gastric band Poland.

Who should have gastric sleeve surgery?

Person who has BMI (Body Mass Index) of 35 or more, and has tried to lose weight with diets and exercises can consider having sleeve gastrectomy abroad. If the BMI is lower but there are health problems related to obesity the surgery can also be performed. You cannot have gastric sleeve surgery if you are drug or alcohol addicted or have psychological problems.

How is gastric sleeve surgery performed?

The surgery is done using laparoscopic technique under the general anesthesia and lasts 1-2 hours. The surgeon will make 5 small incisions, through which he will insert the instruments. The surgeon will remove a part of the stomach and will create long vertical “sleeve” about the size of a banana.  

Is gastric sleeve a painful procedure?

No. The surgery is done under the general anesthesia, which means that during it, you won’t feel anything.

Does gastric sleeve cure diabetes?

There is no cure for diabetes. But it can be controlled and go into remission. After gastric sleeve surgery in Poland, most patients have the remission of type 2 diabetes.

How much is gastric sleeve surgery?

The price depends on where the clinic is situated. Prices for gastric sleeve surgery in Poland are much cheaper than in the UK or Germany. Below you will find gastric sleeve price comparison. But final price can be determined only after the consultation.


Can sleeve gastrectomy be covered by insurance?

Yes, often sleeve gastrectomy is covered by insurance. You need to contact your insurance company, and ask them to provide you with all the details of your insurance plan.

Is gastric sleeve reversible?

No, the part of your stomach will be removed forever.

How much weight can I expect to lose with sleeve gastrectomy?

After sleeve gastrectomy in Poland, you can expect to lose 25 to 35 percent of your body weight or 50 to 70 percent of your excess body weight. You need to understand that after the surgery you have to follow the diet and exercise if you want your results to last.

How quickly will I lose my excess weight with gastric sleeve surgery?

It differs from patient to patient. Usually, most weight is lost 6 months after the surgery.  Most patients continue to lose weight 3 years after the surgery. But you need to understand that if you want to lose weight you need to eat healthy and to exercise.

Will my stomach stretch back to its original size after gastric sleeve in Poland?

Your stomach can never stretch back to original size. However, its size can increase if, after sleeve gastrectomy, you will continue to overeat.

How long will I be in the hospital after the gastric sleeve?

You should stay in the clinic for 2 days after the surgery. This time is needed for you to recover from anesthesia and for the doctor to make sure that the surgery went well.

Will I need plastic surgery to remove the sagging skin?

The amount of excess skin, you will have after the gastric band surgery, depends on your weight loss, age, and habits. Only after the weight is lost you can see if you need to have plastic surgery or not. If you decide to have the surgery, done you must have stable weight for at least 3 months. We offer you to look for plastic surgery in Poland, as our surgeons can provide you with high-quality and cheap lipectomy in Poland.

How long should I stay in Poland after gastric sleeve surgery?

If you want to have gastric sleeve surgery done in Poland you need to come for at least 1 week. First day you will have the consultation and medical tests. The next day the surgery is performed. For the next 2 days, you should stay in the clinic where our English-speaking medical staff will take care of you. The rest of your stay you can spend in the hotel. The price of the gastric sleeve in Poland includes medical tests, consultation, surgery and stay in the clinic. We also can offer all-inclusive package which includes consultation, medical tests, surgery, stay in the clinic, hotel stay and transfers during your stay.

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