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Gastric plication - FAQ

Updated November 21, 2018

Table of contents

fit belly after gastric plicationWhat is gastric plication?

Gastric plication is a laparoscopic procedure where incisions are made and later on there is a sewing of one or more folds in the stomach.  The stomach volume is reduced up to 70%

How much does gastric plication cost?

The price of Gastric plication cost depends on the clinic’s location, therefore, it may start from 4000 Euro to 15 000 Euro.

Can gastric plication be reversed?

Yes, gastric plication may be reversed if required, for example, a patient may have gastric sleeve or bypass.

How long does it take to recover after gastric plication?

Many patients stay one or two days in the hospital after the surgery. The recovery time is shorter than in comparison to other bariatric surgeries and generally, a patient may come back to work after 10 days.

Can gastric plication cause elevated liver enzymes?

In general, gastric plication does not cause elevated liver enzymes.

Can gastric plication cause liver problems?

Generally, bariatric surgeries do not cause liver problems but they can even cure or reverse them.

Can gastric plication patients vomit?

Yes, after gastric plication it is possible to experience vomit yet it is a rare, short-term side effect

Can gastric plication cause cancer? What are the cancer risks?

It highly impossible for gastric plication to cause cancer as there were not any cases confirmed.

Can gastric plication cause Crohn’s disease?

No, gastric plication does not cause Crohn’s disease

Can gastric plication cause thyroid problems?

No, gastric plication does not cause any thyroid problems. On the contrary, it can even help to maintain TSH  at a reasonable level

Can gastric plication cause cirrhosis?

No, gastric plication does not cause cirrhosis

Can gastric plication patients take ibuprofen?

Yes, but not on empty stomach.

Can gastric plication cause teeth problems?

Yes, some patients may experience oral health issues after gastric plication, for example, dental erosion increased dental caries or dental hypersensitivity.

Will gastric plication cure diabetes?

Studies have shown that gastric plication is a new restrictive technique for a remission of type 2 diabetes.

Will gastric plication help GERD?

Yes, it may help GERD in some cases and gastric plication looks promising but there are need to be done more studies on this issue

Will gastric plication help PCOS?

The improvement of PCOS after gastric plication is still yet to be investigated, however, it is proved that hirsutism and menstrual irregularities improve after bariatric surgery.

Will gastric plication help diverticulitis?

Gastric Plication might improve the general condition of diverticulitis but Gastric Plication is not a treatment of diverticulitis.

Will gastric plication help gastroparesis?

In case of gastroparesis, gastric plication is not recommended.

Will gastric plication help IBS?

If there is inflammation – Gastric Plication is not recommended. But if there is no inflammation or symptoms of inflammation the surgery can be done and it will improve managing condition of IBS.

Will gastric plication help lymphedema?

Gastric plication in long term will positively affect all diseases (including lymphedema) because of better general health.

Will gastric plication affect pregnancy?

It’s recommended to get pregnant after bariatric surgery and after your weight stabilizes. Pregnancy after weight-loss surgery isn’t an issue. The only concern is getting pregnant in the period of rapid weight loss

Will gastric plication help constipation?

Generally, after any bariatric surgery, you will have a normal bowel movement.

Will gastric plication cause diarrhea?

Yes, it may cause, but this side effect does not last long, it is temporary.

Can I drink alcohol with gastric plication?

It is recommended to refrain from aclohol consumption with gastric plication due to its harmuff effects and in some cases, patients may experience stronger side effects.

Can gastric plication cause candy cane syndrome?

Possibility of candy cane syndrome is very low.

How to stop losing weight after gastric plication?

If you lose too much weight after the surgery, contact your surgeon to discuss all details and possible solution for this issue.

Will I be able to keep food down after gastric plication?

yes, as your stomach will be made smaller, the amount of food you will be able to eat is siginificantly smaller

Is it worth to have gastric plication done?

Gastric plication is one of the safest and effective bariatric surgeries which reduces the stomach volume up to 70% and helps losing weight up to 40-60%.

Is gastric plication safe?

Yes, gastric plication is a safe procedure which does not involve placement of a foreign object to your body and it is a reversible procedure.

Can a hiatal hernia be repaired with Gastric Plication?

Yes, it is possible.

Can the gastroparesis be caused by gastric plication?

In general, gastroparesis is not caused by Gastric Plication but by certain cancer treatments or other drugs which influenced  digestive actions.

Can I have gastric plication being alcohol addicted?

If you are alcohol addictied, you should stop drinking permanently before the procedure.

Can I have gastric plication if I take anti-depressants?

Yes, you can still have gastric plication if you take anti-depressants.

Can smokers have gastric plication?

Yes, they can have but smokers who have the surgery performed are more prone to than nonsmokers to experience anesthesia-related complications, infections, heart attack, stroke or pneumonia

Will I have a dumping syndrome after gastric plication?

Yes, it is possible for some patients to experience dumping  syndrome, yet it does not affect weight loss

Will I have gallbladder disease after gastric plication?

In some instances, gallstones may occur after bariatric surgeries, yet each case is different, therefore it depends on the patient’s state

Will gallbladder be removed during gastric plication surgery?

Yes, gallstones are usually removed before the procedure or at the same time

Is tummy tuck necessary after gastric plication?

It is not necessary to have a tummy tuck after gastric plication if you lose weight on a reasonable level. However, if there are lots of excessive skin left, you may consider a tummy tuck.

Is gastric plication covered by NHS?

Gastric plication is not covered by NHS.

What are gastric plication side effects?

You may experience digestion issues (vomiting, nausea) and saggy skin may be a side effect. Also, it is possible to regain the weight you lose after some time.

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