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Gastric Bypass - price comparison - check the prices all over the world

Updated July 15, 2019

slim girl after gastric bypassConsidering weight loss surgery abroad, the cost may be a vital factor when choosing a clinic. If you are more aware of the costs involved in bariatric surgeries, you are in a better position.

Apart from the most obvious positive results of bariatric surgeries which are decreasing the risk of certain conditions, bariatric surgeries also help with coping with obesity-related issues. Moreover, insurance companies started to cover the cost of this type of procedures. However, the costs depend on the location of a clinic. During the process of choosing the best clinic and a surgeon, the price should not be of primary concern. There are three most commonly performed bariatric surgeries, namely gastric banding, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass 9or mini gastric bypass). The last one is the most expensive. However, duodenal switch procedure and other revision surgeries are generally the most expensive of all bariatric surgeries.

The survey from 2015 exhibited that the average price of gastric bypass abroad surgery dwindles up to $800 in comparison to 2014.

The prices across the country vary from $ 15 000 to $ 35 000, however, the most quoted price is $ 23 000. The average price of gastric bypass is $ 25 570.

Factors influencing the costs of cheap Gastric Bypass surgery

Location plays a crucial role when it comes to the cost of any bariatric surgery. However, it is not the most vital one. Among others are patient’s health, a surgeon and the location of a hospital. It is also worth mentioning that having the surgery performed at a surgical centre is frequently less expensive than in a hospital. Moreover, a patient’s health plan, financing options or insurance coverage may also contribute to the fluctuation of the price. Getting insurance coverage, payment plans or reimbursement may be difficult yet with the aid of a surgeon or an attorney it is highly possible. In some instances, the procedure may be covered if is medically necessary.

Additional costs after the Gastric Bypass procedure

The surgery is only one of the components associated with the price of a gastric bypass (or mini gastric bypass). After the surgery, you will be in contact with a nutritionist and it may cost you from $ 50 to $ 100 and also there are additional follow-up visits whose prices differ. Also, there is a possibility that there will be medical complications which may be treated with more or less costly methods. Following new habits and adopting new behavioural changes also involve costs of a gym, healthy food and new clothing.

Gastric Bypass’ costs compared to not having the surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is not easy and cheap, therefore patients need to take into account the costs connected with other treatments or not to take any actions towards weight loss. Obesity is a costly disease and patients may even spend up to $ 1 566 a year only on medicines, however, morbidly obese patients may spend on average $2 845 in comparison to those who maintain a healthy weight. Apart from that, additional costs are connected to excess weight which also increases health costs. Taking first steps early may contribute to avoiding potential costs in the long run and also preventing other conditions.

Gastric Bypass cost in Europe

We have gathered information regarding Gastric Bypass surgery from Medigo, Treatment Abroad and Realself and on the basis of these findings, we have prepared a comparison between the prices of Gastric Bypass in Europe.

Affordable Gastric Bypass in Poland

If you consider weight loss surgery, EMC is one of the best options. Bariatric department in this clinic was established by dr Mulek in 2002. In EMC doctors perform minimally invasive diagnostic and operational methods. Dr Mulek has 16 years of experience and improved his skills working with dr Khalil El Mohtar – a trustworthy and experienced surgeon

The price of gastric bypass in this clinic is about $ 6425 and it includes:

  • surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • stay in the hospital with full medical care
  • all medical tests and medications received in the clinic
  • consultations with the doctors: surgeon, dietician and psychologist
  • post-surgery check-ups
  • stay in a hotel in Wrocław for 2 days
  • airport transfers
  • all taxi transports between the clinic and hotel in Wrocław

There is another great clinic in Poland (in  Jelenia Gora near to Wroclaw) called KCM. Their experience and quality of patient care are recognized by insurance company BUPA and Allianz and they are their centre of excellence in Poland.

Every 6 months the clinic has „latest laparoscopic & endoscopic techniques in bariatric treatment” conference where Dr Kowalski and his Team together with the chosen specialist from around the world perform live demonstrations to educate other surgeons on new and more effective methods in all aspects of bariatric treatment.

The price of gastric bypass is $ 7 100 and includes:

  • a complete all incl. 5 days weight loss treatment package that includes:
  • 3D Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass
  • comprehensive pre-diagnostic
  • accommodation at KCM partner hotel – 4-star Palace on the Water Hotel
  • transportation to and from the hospital from Wroclaw Airport (direct flights from most UK airports with Ryanair or Wizzair)
  • personal host dedicated to your weight loss program
  • personalized 7 weeks diet plan and a 5 years support package
  • support to find the best flight solution

Gastric Bypass in Lithuania

Regarding the prices of Gastric Bypass in Lithuania, it is about $ 7 000. In comparison to prices in the UK or Ireland, it is much cheaper (about $ 13000 in the UK and $ 11 500 in Ireland).
In one of the clinic in Lithuania called Kardiolita, the price of Gastric Bypass is about $ 7000 and it includes:

  • consultation
  • necessary health tests
  • bariatric surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • hospitalisation
  • FREE flights & hotel stay (4 nights)
  • 24/7 personal assistance during your stay
  • transfers to/from the airport, hotel and clinic
  • 10% discount for plastic surgery later (if needed)
  • FREE dietician’s follow-up for 5 years

Below you may find a testimonial from a patient who underwent the procedure in Kardiolita.

“I would like to sincerely thank the surgeons for the surgery, and most importantly, for the result – my son’s health. This might sound trivial, but because of the professor, and his team, my son is able to play football today. Thank you!

I would also like to thank all the staff for the warm, homey atmosphere, dedicated care and comfort. A year has passed, and we have missed you. Also a big thanks to our sponsors.”

Anna, Ukraine

Gastric Bypass in Turkey

You may also have a Gastric Bypass surgery performed in one of the clinics in Turkey. According to Medigo the prices of Gastric Bypass in Istanbul varies greatly. For example, the price of the surgery in Clinic Hub starts from $ 5800 and at Medipol Mega University Hospital starts from $ 12 200.
Also, according to research performed by Helth Tourism, the price of extensive gastric bypass (Biliopancreatic Diversion) in Istanbul starts from $ 7 000 to $ 27 000. When it comes to Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass the price starts from $ 18 000 to $ 22 500.

Gastric Bypass in the UK

Gastric Bypass prices usually are between $12 000 and $ 19,000 throughout the UK. For example, Ramsay Health Care Weight Loss Surgery charges from $ 12 395, Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Harley Street charges for Gastric Bypass from $ 8 300 to $ 15 200 and Belgium Surgery Services in London from $ 7 700 to $ 8 350.


Below you can chceck the comparison of average prices in Europe:


Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


6 200 USD


6 500 USD


7 000 USD


7 000 USD


8 000 USD


13 700 USD


15 000 USD

The UK

15 500 USD

Gastric Bypass in Asia

When it comes to Gastric Bypass in Asia this type of procedure is the most expensive in Israel (about $ 24 000). After Israel, countries like Singapore ($ 13 700) and Thailand ($ 16 800) are on the second and third place. Less expensive Gastric Bypass appear to be in South Korea ($ 10 900), and Malaysia ($ 9 900). If you are looking for a cheap option of Gastric Bypass, can definitely find in Jordan ($ 7 500) and India ($ 7 000).


Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


7 000 USD


7 500 USD


9 900 USD

South Korea

10 900 USD


13 700 USD


16 800 USD


24 000 USD

Gastric Bypass in Americas

The average price of a Gastric Bypass in the USA is $25 000. Therefore, most of the patients choose to undergo the Gastric Bypass in Mexico where the price is significantly lower ($ 11 500). Just to compare, the price of Gastric Bypass in Costa Rica is $ 12 900 and in Colombia $12 200.


Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


11 500 USD


12 200 USD

Costa Rica

12 900 USD

the USA

25 000 USD

Gastric Bypass in the USA

The price of Gastric Bypass varies across the states and also it depends on the method of payment, region, surgeon’s practice and the location of a hospital.

The most commonly offered payment methods are private insurance, Small Group coverage through an employer (no more than 50 full-time employees) and Large Group through an employer (more than 50 full-time employees), also public insurance and self-pay. Those without insurance have to pay for themselves. On average, the cost of Gastric Bypass surgery without insurance is $ 24 000, however it may range from $ 15 000 (Arkansas) to $ 57 000 ( Alaska).

The lowest prices for Gastric Bypass in the USA may be found in Oklahoma ($ 16 900) Utah ($ 20 580) Nevada ($ 19 600) or Florida ($ 18 690) More expensive are South Dakota ($ 23 585) Kentucky ($ 25 000) South and North Carolina ($ 25 000). One of the highest prices of Gastric Bypass are offered in Pennsylvania, New York and Idaho (from $33 900 to $ 35 190)


Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


15 000 USD


16 900 USD


18 700 USD


19 600 USD


20 600 USD

South Dakota

23 600 USD


25 000 USD


34 500 USD


57 000 USD

Will insurance cover Gastric Bypass surgery in the US?

A great majority of insurance companies will cover almost entirely or some parts of the costs related to anaesthesia, hospital facility and the surgeon’s fee. Moreover, they may also cover certain post-surgery expenses which are diet and fitness plans, supplements or support groups among other things. However, insurers do not cover the costs of facelift surgeries, body contouring after a great weight loss, breast surgeries or liposuction. It is also a good option to check with your company which exactly procedures may be covered by insurance.

Covering gastric bypass by Medicare

Medicare, which is the US government health plan for patients over 65 may cover the costs of gastric bypass procedure for those whose BMI is of 35 and at least with one health problem related to obesity like diabetes type 2, heart diabetes or sleep apnea. Additionally, gastric bypass patients must have completed a weight loss program lasting six months.
In order to Medicare to cover the expenses of the surgery, it has to take place at a specific site which is designated by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery or at a certified Level 1 Bariatric Surgery Centre, American College of Surgeons.

Covering Gastric Bypass by Medicaid

Medicaid is the plan for low-income patients and families. The coverage of gastric bypass surgery varies across the states so you need to contact your state’s Medicaid to check what policies are implemented regarding the coverage of the surgery.

Private Insurance for Gastric Bypass

There are different requirements across companies regarding the coverage of gastric bypass. Generally, the surgery is covered in instances where BMI is 40 or more, or when BMI is 35 together with an obesity-related condition.
In most insurance companies there are requirements which need to be fulfilled for bariatric surgery. The approval process is stricter than for any other surgeries. First, you need to hand in the letter of medical necessity prepared by your primary care physician but also a documentation related to obesity issues. Additionally, the bariatric program will present a request for authorization to the insurer. The surgery will not be planned until you acquire the authorization.

When your insurer refuses to cover the costs, you can always make an appeal and it is vital to be prepared in every detail.

Another option is to buy all by yourself and there are some offers when reinsurance plans are offered when complications occur

Is gastric bypass covered by NHS?

The criteria introduced by the NHS regarding bariatric surgeries may be different across the UK.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) presented the following requirements for bariatric surgeries which should be met:

  • your BMI should be 40 or more, or BMI between 35 and 40 with a serious condition which may be improved by losing weight ( for example type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure)
  • you are fed up with all weight loss methods like dieting or exercises
  • you are eager to follow long-term requirements after the surgery
  • your health allows you to be under general anaesthesia

If your BMI is 50 or more, you may undergo the surgery straight away without the need to try other types of weight loss methods.

If you are considering affordable weight loss surgery abroad, you definitely need to consider Poland as one of the destinations. With highly experienced surgeons and newly equipped hospital, your stay will be comfortable. If you would like to know more information about the gastric surgery in Poland do not hesitate but contact – our customer advisor will be glad to help you with.

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