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      Eyelid surgery Poland – All you need to know

      Updated March 15, 2022


      Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty or eyelift, is an aesthetic procedure which allows you to improve the appearance of your face in eyes area. It may involve your upper, lower, or both eyelids. Thanks to eyelid surgery abroad you will get rid of bags under your eyes, drooping eyelids or wrinkles and will gain attractiveness, freshness, and youthful look.

      Eyelid surgery definition

      Eyelid surgery is a procedure allowing for the removal of excess skin or fat from your eyelids. Regarding upper eyelid surgery, the incisions are made in creases of lids, which minimizes the visibility of scars afterwards. Then the doctor removes and repositions the excess skin, muscle or fat. In lower eyelid surgery, the incisions are made along lashline and the smile creases of your lower lids. This surgery also allows for the removal of fat, skin and muscles. It successfully gets rid of bags under your eyes. In eyelid surgery dissolvable stitches are used, so they will be naturally vanishing over time.

      Benefits of eyelid surgery

      The main benefit of having an eyelid surgery abroad is an immediate improvement of appearance. Just after the surgery you will notice that you look more attractive, younger, and more fresh. Blepharoplasty allows you to get rid of the bags under your eyes, tighten your upper eyelids, as a result of which you eliminate the problem of drooping eyelids. The surgery also helps diminishing wrinkles, so that they are less visible. Considering the above, you look more shining, fresh, young, which is reflected in your better mood and enhanced confidence.

      Eyelid surgery candidates

      The best candidates for eyelid surgery in Poland are people in a good health condition who have realistic expectations about the procedure. In general, patients deciding to have blepharoplasty are over 35, but if your bags or sagging skin in your eyes area is genetically conditioned, you may have eyelid surgery at younger age.

      Eyelid surgery prices

      Eyelid surgery price in Poland is strikingly cheap comparing to other European countries. The average price for both upper and lower eyelids in Poland is 1600 GBP, while in the UK the average price is about 6000 GBP. The affordable prices for blepharoplasty in Poland come along with a very high clinic standards, modern equipment, and considerably experienced surgeons. The price for only upper or only lower eyelid surgery in Poland starts from only 800 GBP. The price of the surgery includes consultation, medical tests, surgery, anaesthesia, a night in the clinic – if necessary, and a post-surgical checkup.

      Eyelid surgery procedure

      The procedure varies depending on which eyelids are concerned. For upper eyelids, a surgeon makes the necessary incisions in the natural crease of your eyelids, just above your eyelashes. Then, the excess skin or fat is removed and the surgeon closes the incisions with the dissolvable stitches. Regarding lower eyelids, the doctor makes incisions just below them, then your skin is firmed and tightened. In many cases, these two surgeries are performed at one time. After the surgery, your eyes will be bandaged.

      Before the eyelid surgery

      It is very important that you quit smoking as early as possible before the surgery. If you smoke, it might take much longer for your eyes to heal after the surgery. Also, you should stop taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen (and any medications containing it) about two weeks before the surgery. You should not drink any alcohol a week prior to the surgery and do all medical tests that are required. The medical tests before eyelid surgery in Poland are done on the 1st day of your arrival and are included in the price.

      Required medical tests

      The medical tests you need to do before the eyelid surgery in Poland include blood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, HIV. All the tests are included in our price. If you, however, decide to do the tests in your home country, the tests should be done no earlier than 2 weeks before the eyelid surgery abroad.

      Length of eyelid surgery procedure

      The length of the eyelid surgery depends on the scale of the surgery. If it concerns only upper or only lower eyelids, the approximate time is 1 hour. If the surgery covers both upper and lower eyelids, it may last even up to 3 hours.

      Type of anesthesia

      The surgery of upper eyelids is performed under local anaesthesia, as the surgery itself is neither complicated nor long. But the lower or both lower and upper eyelids surgery is done under general anaesthesia and after the surgery, you would need to stay in the clinic for 1 night.

      Stay in the clinic

      When the eyelid surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, it is not necessary to stay in the clinic up to the next day. Usually, you spend in the clinic a few hours after the surgery and in the evening you go back to the hotel and rest there. If the eyelid surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, you will stay one night in the clinic so that our personnel is assured everything is good.

      Minimal stay for eyelid surgery in Poland:

      The minimal stay in Poland for eyelid surgery is 3 days. On the first day, you have medical tests, on the second day you have the consultation and surgery and the last day you may go back home. Regarding eyelid surgery done under general anaesthesia, 2 more days are required, as you would need to spend one night in the clinic and have one more visit in the clinic after the surgery.

      Back to work

      On average, patients go back to work 1 week after eyelid surgery. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you have 2 weeks off work because of the bruising and swelling that you may struggle with.

      Eyelid surgery results

      The results of eyelid surgery will be immediately visible, but with time, when the recovery process finishes, the effects will become even more distinguishable. When all bruising and swelling disappears, your eyes look astonishingly younger, fresher, brighter and more attractive, which significantly improves the look of your whole face. The effects of upper eyelid surgery may last up to 8 years. The procedure on lower eyelids needs to be repeated more frequently. It should be also remembered that eyelid surgery does not stop the ageing process and with time our skin will be changing, which is natural.

      Eyelid surgery risks and complications

      Eyelid surgery in Poland is a relatively safe procedure. It is prepared and performed very meticulously, as it concerns our major organs, that is eyes.  The long experience of surgeons in Poland also diminish the possible complications. The most frequent complications include bleeding, dry eyes, infections, pulled-down lower lid lash lines. The most dangerous, still the least frequent risks are a vision loss or inability to fully close your eyes.

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      Klaudia Grabowska

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