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Eyelid Surgery - FAQ

Updated July 16, 2019

Can blepharoplasty be done under local anesthesia?

Yes, commonly a blepharoplasty surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Surgery lasts 1 -3 hours. Surgeon makes a small incision in the upper eyelid or beneath the lower eyelid to lift eyes and remove excess skin from the eye area.

Can blepharoplasty be covered by insurance?

Beauty Poland does not cover a medical insurance. We advise our patients to buy the medical insurance in their own country.

Can blepharoplasty be done twice?

It depends. The lower blepharoplasty commonly may not be performed more than twice in a lifetime. The surgery can not be done more than twice because of the fear of changing the shape of the patient’s eyelids.

Can blepharoplasty change shape of eyes?

Nowadays the eyelid surgery gives excellent results without changing the shape of eyes. Final appearance depends on your need and expectations, so doctor will know exactly what to do while your surgery.

What do blepharoplasty scars look like?

There is no scar free surgery. During an eyelid surgery, some incisions are made, but these areas heal better than most if not all other body sites. The upper lid incision is performed in the natural crease where the eyelid folds as you open and close. The lower lid incision is so close to the lower lashes that it too is virtually hidden.

How much is eyelid surgery?

The price for blepharoplasty stats from 1600 GBP for both eyes (upper and lower eyelids, both of eyelids) The price for lower, or upper eyelid surgery starts from 800 GBP. Each surgery is performed under local anesthesia and requires patient to be in Poland 3 days.

Does blepharoplasty abroad hurt?

Blepharoplasty in Poland is performed under local anesthesia, which is safe and associated with minimal pain and discomfort. After surgery, some painkillers are given, but the pain should be gone rapidly 24 – 48 hours after surgery. Great majority of patients easily tolerate eyelid procedure. The procedure results in high level of patient satisfaction.

Who is good candidate to have blepharoplasty abroad?

An eyelid surgery is recommended for patients with droopy upper lids, who wants to remove bags under the eyes. Also, the surgery is great option for patients who wants to receive youther appearance.

How long does swelling last after eyelid surgery in Poland?

Normally swellings are gone after one week. Bruising and swelling are the worst on the day after surgery. Surgeons advise patients to use cool compresses, which may reduce bruising and swelling around the eyes and face.

How long does blepharoplasty take?

A blepharoplasty surgery takes from one to three hours.

What is blepharoplasty surgery?

Eyelid surgery is also known as a blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift. It is small cosmetic surgery procedure which removes eye skin, drooping eyelids, puffy bags and dark circles under the eyes. Surgery may be combined with full face lift, or any different plastic surgeries.

Will blepharoplasty affect vision?

It is natural to have temporary vision changes after an eyelid surgery. It is more common to occur, in case when both the upper and lower eyelids are operated during the surgery. Affected vision symptom may last up to 7 days after surgery,

Is eyelid surgery abroad safe?

Yes, Beauty Poland cooperates only with the best plastic surgeons in Poland and can guarantee you the safety of your eyelid surgery. Our consultants will provide you with information concerning education and work experience of your surgeon, you will also be able to check before/after photos of the previous work of your surgeon. Poland is a perfect destination to get not only cheap eyelid surgery, but also of the highest quality.

Justyna Zastapilo

Justyna is a very open person and likes to talk to people. That's why she decided to become a patient adviser. She has comprehensive knowledge about medical procedures performed abroad.
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