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Breast reconstruction / Mastectomy - all you need to know

Updated May 13, 2017

MastectomyBreast reconstruction definition:

Breast reconstruction is the surgery that is used to rebuild the shape and look of the breast after mastectomy or lumpectomy – surgeries that are used to remove the breast cancer. Breast reconstruction can be done with breast implants or tissue transplanted from another part of your body, the surgery can be done during mastectomy or months after it.

Benefits of breast reconstruction surgery:

  • Permanent results
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improvements in psychological health
  • Can be done during mastectomy
  • Brings balance and proportion back to a woman’s body

Breast reconstruction candidates

Woman who is going to have or had mastectomy, in a good physical and mental health, with realistic expectations of the results can consider having breast reconstruction done in Poland. As smoking increases the chances of having problems after breast cancer removal and reconstruction, heavy smoker is not a good candidate for the breast reconstruction surgery abroad.

Breast reconstruction prices

Breast reconstruction is not a cosmetic surgery, and its price is often covered by the insurance. To know if the surgery is covered or not you need to contact your insurance company. In general, the price for the breast reconstruction in Poland is known to be much cheaper than in the UK or Germany, at the same time, the quality of breast reconstruction surgery in Poland is of the highest standards.


Breast reconstruction procedure:

Before the breast reconstruction surgery:

Before the surgery, you need to ask your insurance company to make sure that breast reconstruction is covered by it. If you are a smoker, at least two weeks before the surgery, you should quit. Before the surgery, you will have the consultation with the surgeon during which he will explain you all the details of your surgery and make all the medical tests.

Required medical tests:

blood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, HIV

Breast reconstruction surgery:

Breast reconstruction can be done with the help of breast implants or with the use of tissue from other parts of the patient’s body (belly, thigh, or back). The surgery is done under the general anesthesia and can be performed during mastectomy surgery. The placement of the incisions depends on what type of the surgery you will have. All the details will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Length of breast reconstruction procedure: 2-3 hours
Type of anesthesia: general anesthesia
Stay in the clinic: 1 day
Minimal stay for breast reconstruction in Poland: 1 week
Back to work: 2 weeks

Breast reconstruction results:

The results of the breast reconstruction surgery are permanent.

After the breast reconstruction surgery:

After breast reconstruction surgery, you need to monitor your breast health through self-exam, mammography and other diagnostic techniques. For 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, you will feel soreness, swelling, and bruising. Within 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery, most women can go back to their normal activities.
Breast reconstruction risks and complications:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in breast sensation
  • Risks associated with anesthesia
  • Extended recovery and healing time
  • Poor wound healing
  • Fluid collection (seroma)

Breast reconstruction abroad

To have the surgery done in Poland you need to stay in the country for at least 1 week. For 1 night after the surgery you need to stay in the clinic in order for our doctors to help you recover from anesthesia. For our patients we have two types of packages – Standard which includes consultation, medical tests, surgery and night in the clinic, and All-inclusive package which includes consultation, medical tests, surgery, night in the clinic, hotel stay and all transfers. If you want to know more about our offer – contact our consultants!


CEO at Beauty Poland / Clinic Hunter
Marek is a great fan of medical tourism. He believes that medical tourism is a huge chance for many people, who cannot afford treatment in their home country.
+44 748 315 53 11

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Send your enquiry to the best doctors abroad

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