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      Brazilian Butt Lift – FAQ

      Updated March 15, 2022

      What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

      Brazilian butt lift is the augmentation or reshaping of buttock by transferring and injecting fat. Brazilian butt lift removes fat from where you don’t need it and put it where you want it, as a result you get a beautiful hourglass figure.

      Who is an ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

      To be a candidate for Brazilian butt lift in Poland you must be an adult with extra weight, the skin in the areas you want to have liposuctioned should have good elasticity to avoid sagging. If you do not have enough extra weight the doctor may suggest you to gain 10-20 pounds. You also must be in a good physical and mental health. You are not a candidate for the Brazilian butt lift if you have any heart or lung conditions, or neurological disorders.

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      How is the Brazilian butt lift done?

      First, the surgeon removes fat with liposuction usually to get enough fat at least 2 areas must be liposuctioned. Most common areas for liposuction are back, abdomen and thighs. After the fat is sucked out of the body it must be processed and purified through centrifugation, only after that it can be injected into the buttocks. To achieve better results the fat is injected at multiple levels.

      What form of anesthesia is used?

      For Brazilian butt lift surgery in Poland general anesthesia is used.

      How much fat is needed for a Brazilian butt lift?

      About 1 to 2 pounds need to be injected into the buttocks, but the surgeon needs to suck out at least 6 pounds of fat, as only best donor fat cells can be re-injected back into the buttocks.

      How much fat can be injected into each side?

      There is no defined minimum or maximum amount of fat that can be transferred. Everything depends on your personal case.

      How long do Brazilian butt lift results last?

      The results of Brazilian butt lift in Poland are known to be permanent. However, some of the transferred fat (about 30-40%) may be naturally reabsorbed by your body. The amount of fat that you will have after six months is assumed to be permanent

      How much does Brazilian butt lift cost?

      The price depends on different factors such as the number of areas that will be liposuctioned, the surgeon, the country where the clinic is situated etc. Prices in Western Europe are known to be much more expensive than in Poland. The price of Brazilian butt lift surgery includes liposuction of multiple areas and the fat injections to the buttocks, in Poland anesthesia, medical tests and the night after the surgery are also included in the price.

      Is the Brazilian butt lift the only way to augment my butt?

      You can also have your butt augment with butt implants. But Brazilian butt lift is safer and has shorter healing period, also the results of Brazilian butt lift look more natural and the procedure does not leave any noticeable scars.

      Why would I get a Brazilian butt lift instead of butt implants?

      Brazilian butt lift has few advantages over butt implants. First of all, fat can be shaped more precisely, it also looks and feels more natural. Butt implants are typically considered if the patient does not have enough fat and cannot gain it.

      Can I use someone else’s fat for my Brazilian butt lift?

      No, if you do not have enough fat you have two options, either gain weight or you go with butt implants.

      Will I have a scar after Brazilian butt lift surgery?

      During the liposuction, the surgeon will insert special cannula into your body through small incisions less than a centimeter wide. Usually, after the first few months, the scars are almost invisible. To make the scars less noticeable the surgeon may suggest you scar lightening cream, silicone scar sheets or laser treatments

      Can a Brazilian butt lift be reversed?

      Yes, revisions can be made. All transferred fat can be easily removed with liposuction. Fat can also be added to correct asymmetry.

      What’s the recovery time for a Brazilian butt lift?

      Recovery time differs from patient to patient, however, in general, you may return to work in 10-14 days after the surgery. For up to 8 weeks you may have swelling and bruising. In a month after the surgery, you can start exercising.


      Can I sit after the surgery?

      For at least two weeks it is better to avoid sitting directly on your butt. After two weeks you may sit on a boppy pillow.

      How quickly can I return to work after my Brazilian butt lift in Poland?

      Usually, patients can go back to work in 7-10 days after the surgery. You can not directly on your butt for 2 weeks after the surgery.

      How much of the fat can I expect to keep permanently?

      In most casesб 70% of fat keeps permanently. After half a year, the fat that remains is assumed to be permanent.

      What if I am thin and don’t have enough body fat?

      Sometimes the surgeon can find the fat during the consultation or can suggest you to gain weight. If you cannot gain enough weight than you are not a candidate for Brazilian butt lift, and should consider butt implants surgery.

      When can I begin exercising after a Brazilian buttock lift?

      Usually in a month after the surgery.

      How long do I have to stay in Poland for the Brazilian butt lift surgery?

      If you want to have Brazilian butt lift done in Poland you should come for a week. First day is the consultation and medical tests. The next day the surgeon can perform the surgery. You should stay one night at the clinic so that the surgeon will check the reaction of your body. The prices for Brazilian butt lift in Poland are affordable while the quality of the surgery is of the highest standards.

      Justyna Zastapilo

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