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      Arm Lift Poland – All you need to know

      Updated March 15, 2022

      There are two most popular reasons why sagging skin under the arms occurs, first is due to natural aging and the second is due to massive weight loss. Brachioplasty is a popular, fast and safe plastic surgery, which can be performed by plastic surgeons in Poland. If you are considering arm lift surgery, below you will find the information you need to know to make the decision if you want to have it done or not.


      Arm lift definition:

      Arm lift or brachioplasty is an aesthetic surgery which removes loose skin under upper arms. The surgeon will remove the excess skin through an incision on the inner arm. After brachioplasty abroad, the skin under the upper arms becomes tighter and the shape of the upper arm becomes more defined.

      Benefits of arm lift surgery:

      • Smoother contours and skin
      • Better tone and shape
      • Better proportions
      • Fast recovery
      • Immediate results
      • you can leave the clinic the same day
      • Improved self-esteem

      Arm lift abroad candidates

      Usually, people whose skin on the upper arms lost elasticity due to different reasons (natural aging, massive loss weight) are candidates for arm lift surgery. Perfect brachioplasty candidate is the one who has a  relatively stable weight and is not significantly overweight. You ought to maintain not only physical but also mental health and have realistic expectations with regard to scarring and recovery. As smokers are at an increased risk of complications from any surgery, you must cease smoking minimum two weeks before the date of your surgery.

      Brachioplasty prices

      Arm lift surgery price stems from various factors, but the most vital one is clinics geographic location. Countries like UK or Germany tend to have higher prices for everything, including plastic surgeries. In Poland, the price can be even twice lower without any influence on the quality of services. All cosmetic-surgery clinics in Poland work in agreement with all European standards, and Beauty Poland cooperates with the best of the best. Below there is a price comparison of arm lift surgeries.


      Arm lift procedure:

      Before the arm lift surgery:

      The most significant thing which you are to do prior to your surgery is to find a professional and experienced surgeon, do not forget to check his previous works, work experience, and education. Our consultants will provide you with this information with great pleasure. After you chose the surgeon and date you can book your tickets. The first visit to the clinic is the consultation, during which the surgeon will make medical tests and will give you all necessary details concerning your procedure. The fact whether you are a good candidate for an arm lift procedure in Poland, is always decided on the basis of performed medical tests. Stop smoking 14 days before the surgery, also do not drink alcohol and do not take aspirin or ibuprofen or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

      Necessary medical tests:

      • blood morphology
      • blood group
      • electrolytes levels
      • urine analysis
      • coagulogram (APTT, INR)
      • serum glucose
      • SR (sedimentation rate)
      • Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.)
      • HCV
      • HBs
      • HIV

      Arm lift surgery

      Usually, the arm lift is performed under general anesthesia and lasts up to three hours. During brachioplasty surgery, the surgeon will make a cut from the armpit to the elbow on the inner surface of the upper arm. If the surgeon needs to remove not only the skin but also fat, the surgery will be combined with liposuction. After the skin and fat are removed, the surgeon will put stitches.

      Length of arm lift procedure: about 3 hours

      Type of anesthesia: general anesthesia

      Stay in the clinic: No need to stay in the clinic for the night

      Minimal stay for arm lift in Poland: 7 days

      Back to work: 7 days

      Arm lift results:

      The results will be seen right after the surgery final results you can expect after the end of the healing period, which generally takes about three months. If you have stable weight you can expect the results to stay for years. But you should understand that if in future you will lose a large amount of weight, you might have loose skin again, as well as  the fact that brachioplasty abroad cannot stop aging processes.

      After the arm lift surgery:

      Just after the arm lift surgery is finished, you will have drainage tube in the wound which will help to prevent fluid build-up. Even though you do not have to stay for a night in the clinic after surgery, the surgeon needs you to be in the country at least 3 days after the surgery so that he will see how your healing goes. For several weeks you will probably have bruising, swelling, and numbness. For 2 weeks or more,  you should wear a special compression garment to help keep swelling down.

      Arm lift risks and complications:

      • risks of anesthesia
      • blood clots (which may cause  cardiovascular complications)
      • prolonged swelling
      • surgical risks, such as bleeding or infection

      You should understand that bracioplasty is a surgery procedure. You must tell your surgeon if you have any special health conditions. If the surgery is done by professional and experienced surgeon chance to get complications is low.

      Get the insurance for arm lift abroad:

      Arm lift abroad

      If you decide for a brachioplasty abroad, you need to come to Poland and stay here for at least 6 days. Before coming to Poland you will be asked to send your photos in order for the surgeon to see if you are a candidate. But you must understand that final decision will be made only after medical tests. It is not required to stay in the clinic overnight, but you must stay in Poland for about four days after the surgery, so that your surgeon could make sure that the healing goes well. If you still have questions, just contact us.


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