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    How to prepare for a facelift surgery abroad?

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    facelift resultsFacelift abroad involves some preparation before the surgery date. Patients who are coming for a cheap facelift to Poland are advised to make a to-do-list of tasks that need completing days or weeks before coming to Poland. Making the preparation results in a patient’s equilibrium and the feeling of readiness for the surgery both from the psychological and physical perspective. Hence, it is a great idea to prepare a proper checklist and have all steps before the cheap facelift Poland under control.

    Is a facelift surgery for you?

    Observing your face while you speak, smile or stand still, you might have noticed that your chin or cheeks are drooping, the wrinkles are clearly visible, or the facial skin has become loose and sagging. If you have noticed any of these effects of aging process and they are bothering you, you should consider safe facelift surgery. Still, you need to come to a decision about facial plastic surgery on your own and be sure you need it.

    Why do you consider a facelift surgery?

    People decide to have facelift abroad due to various reasons, which boil down to improving the look and self-image and feeling better about oneself. For some patients, facelift serves the reconstructive function, e.g. it corrects the congenital defects or any signs of injuries and trauma. Other just want to delay and slow the aging process. It is of uttermost importance to know the reason why you have decided to have facelift surgery and have realistic expectations about the effects. You should think the decision about facelift through as it will involve devoting your effort and time.

    Can I be too old for a facelift?

    It has been accepted that the minimum age of cheap facelift patients is 40 years old. In fact, the patients for a facelift are from their late 40s up to 70s. For people at this age, the aging process is the most intensified in the areas of the face, jowls, and neck. Safe facelift abroad results in even a 15-year younger look. However, for the surgeon, age is not a determinant. The factors influencing the qualification for facelift abroad include also weight and general health condition. It has been proved that the risk of any complications afterward does not depend on the patient’s age but on the patient’s health condition, especially cardiovascular health.

    Am I a good candidate for facelift?

    The good candidate for facelift has a flexible and elastic facial skin, and at the same has sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and double chin. The candidate for facelift needs to realize that aging is a natural process and cannot be stopped and be aware of the results that can be achieved.

    Have you decided to come? Let’s start preparation!

    1 month before facial plastic surgery

    You will be informed which medical tests need to be performed. They will include laboratory tests as well as EKG. The choice of medical tests will be made on the basis of your health condition and medical history. It is important to perform the tests as early as possible just to avoid the situation that your health condition makes it impossible for the surgeon to perform the surgery. When you perform the tests just before the surgery date, it might result in canceling your surgery just before it. You should eat healthy and balanced meals and lead an active lifestyle on a daily basis. Also, it would make the surgery more easy and accurate if you cut your hair. But it is the thing that you will discuss with your surgeon. He will tell you where you should cut your hair so that it will help during the surgery.

    2 weeks before facelift abroad

    You need to cease smoking and drinking alcohol as it might negatively influence the surgery procedure and healing process. Also, you should stop taking Vitamin E, aspirin and any blood thinning medications. Depending on an individual case, the surgeon may prescribe some special medications that need to be taken before facelift abroad. Of course, you will be informed in a due time which medications should be avoided and which taken.

    1 week before facelift surgery

    Drinking alcohol and smoking is strictly forbidden. Drinking alcohol, by restricting blood vessels, can lead to very dangerous complications after surgery. Also, if you plan to dye, perm or highlight your hair before the surgery, let’s do it no later than a week before your facelift. Also, remember to do all tasks that you would need doing over the next 2 weeks, e.g. shopping or paying the bills.

    On the day of your surgery

    You will be informed about the exact hour of your facelift Poland in advance. You should arrive at the clinic about 1 hour before the planned surgery. The facelift itself will last between 2 and 4 hours. You will also spend this day and night in the clinic, s the procedure is performed under general anesthetic. Before you leave the clinic, the surgeon will provide you with all instructions and recommendations for the facelift recovery period.


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