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    Will my bunion get worse if I postpone my bunion surgery in Poland?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Bunion is a problem that many people struggle with, that makes their lives more painful and difficult. When they decide to have the surgery with their national health program, they are met with a long line to the doctor and even longer wait for the procedure. There is also an option of private bunion surgery, but the amount of money it requires is shocking! However, there is a third option – bunion surgery in Poland. Come for bunion surgery to Poland to have the procedure done by a capable and experienced surgeon for a fraction of a cost!

    Who should consider getting bunion surgery in Poland?

    Bunion surgery is recommended for people who are suffering from prolonged pain and discomfort caused by dislocated joint. To improve your situation, surgery may be your only option. If you are considering having bunion surgery in Poland, you should contact our patient advisers and get the details of your surgery. Poland is a great destination for such surgeries as it can offer you great experienced surgeon and a cheap bunion surgery.

    At what age is it better to have bunion surgery done?

    This type of surgery should be done after the growth phase is completed. However, some practices are offering bunion surgery for children who suffer at very early stage. Taking advantage of the fact that children bones are soft and not fully developed, some surgeons can repair the dislocated joint. This type of procedure can really change child’s life and help with the proper development.

    How is bunion surgery in Poland performed?

    There is no one right way of fixing a bunion and every surgery is matched to your condition. Every case of the bunion is different and it is important to find the right approach. The surgeon will consult your case and after speaking with you about your expectations, he will prepare a detailed treatment plan. It is important to speak with your surgeon and tell him more about your lifestyle so that you can go back to your normal life as soon as possible.

    Will my bunion get worse if I postpone my bunion surgery in Poland?

    Unfortunately, your bunion will get worse with time. There is no point in postponing the surgery, as it will cause you even more pain. Our patient advisers will help you find the best surgeon in Poland and they will organize your travel. Why wait around for the bunion to get worse and worse, there is a way to help you live your life without any pain.

    If you suffer from the bunion and you feel like you had enough, just contact our patient advisers and you will be given all the information needed to have the surgery done in Poland. Do not wait any longer – find out why bunion surgery abroad is the best solution for you!

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