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Why Poland is a perfect destination for weight loss surgery abroad

Updated November 28, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

Obesity has become to be regarded as one of the diseases of affluence in the world. Many people cannot live normally due to their excessive weight and for many, the weight loss surgery is the last resort. Beauty Poland gives you the opportunity to undergo a successful weight loss surgery abroad at the distinctly low price. Thanks to us, patients from the whole world can afford weight loss surgery and change their life for better!

Poland offers affordable prices for the weight loss surgery abroad

The prices for weight loss surgery in Poland are much lower than in other European countries, like the UK, Norway, Germany or Denmark. Polish clinics offer different types of cheap weight loss surgeries, such as gastric band, gastric sleeve, balloon or gastric bypass. Every patient will be advised which type of surgery is the best for him/her. The price for weight loss surgery in Poland starts from 3500 GBP and includes not only the surgery itself, but also consultation, anaesthesia, hospitalisation, medical tests, stay in a 3-star hotel and the assistance of a driver. Thanks to Beauty Poland, you will save much money and at the same time you will have your weight loss surgery performed at the highest standard.

Doctors in Poland are professionals with European diplomas

All the doctors cooperating with Beauty Poland are highly experienced professional specialists having amazingly high qualifications and achievements. Their passion, commitment, education, skills, and experience allow for providing an excellent medical care at the highest possible level. The surgeons specialise in weight loss surgeries and have much experience in this field. They regularly participate in various congresses and symposia in different countries as listeners as well as lecturers. The doctors’ effectiveness is reflected in numerous reviews, testimonials and letters received from our patients. We can assure that the surgeons in Poland belong to the flower of weight loss surgeons in the world.

Clinics in Poland are working according to European standards

The clinics in Poland are well-adjusted to welcome the patients having their cheap weight loss surgery. The clinic’s personnel makes their best to provide all patients with a professional care from the very beginning till they leave the clinic. The clinics are well-equipped and the surgeries take place with the use of modern and technologically-advanced devices, thanks to which the surgeries are even more effective and less risk is involved. The surgeons and nurses will do their best to maintain a friendly and stressless atmosphere and will be at your disposal any time you need. Our clinics in Poland by all means meet the world’s highest standard of medical treatment, service and care.

Beauty Poland will take care of everything!

You can be sure that your weight loss surgery in Poland will be really cheap, effective and performed in the best possible clinic. You do not have to worry that you cannot afford the surgery, as with Beauty Poland you will pay even twice less money for the procedure than in your country. It is the high time you changed your life and have your dream weight loss surgery in Poland! We will assist you from the first contact with us till your treatment is completed. We will take care of you all the time. The only thing you should do is contacting us! Together, we will make your life much better!

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