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    At what age you can have plastic surgery abroad

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery at young age

    Plastic surgery in Poland is not only used to restore young appearance, but also to improve aesthetics. We cannot say that someone is too young to benefit from the assistance of a plastic surgeon. The trick is that the choice of methods should be most effective and least invasive.

    Prevention of aging

    Each of us receives some predispositions associated with our genes. The pace of aging is different for different people and finding the areas that particularly quickly show signs of aging will allow us to delay the changes. Strength of genes is large, but the way of life you choose and taking care of your beauty can give you an opportunity to delay and reduce the severity of signs of aging. Many methods of aesthetic medicine in Poland can serve this purpose, but not when you already have damaged skin, wrinkles or sagging tissues. By regulating activity of muscles with botulinum toxin, we can delay the appearance of facial wrinkles. When aesthetic medicine comes into your life too late, the effects are incomparably worse. Very often we want to cheat nature avoiding any surgery, and, in many case, it is impossible and uneconomical. Of course, aesthetic medicine methods are not for teens, but you can think about those when you are about 30.

    At what age can we have a plastic surgery performed?

    There is no too young age for aesthetic medicine, which should be carried out after puberty, and thus after the growth of tissues. In case of women it is around 18 years of age and in men approximately 21-23 years of age.

    plastic surgery in PolandWhat treatments are available at a young age?

    Most common is the ear surgery. It is a congenital anomaly, and ear growth ends much earlier. Therefore, this surgery is performed even from 7 years of age

    Rhinoplasty should be carried out after completion of maturation and growth, especially in case of men because at that time the appearance and size of the nose changes.

    You should remember about the eyelids, which can be either falling or lacking the fold, and both of these defects can be corrected by a surgery.

    Raising your eyebrows at a young age can be also done by the use of botulinum toxin. Of course, you might consider endoscopic brow lift, but the results are comparable with less invasive methods.

    Sometimes, face has not appropriate contours in the lower part, it seems severe and hard, jaw fuses with the outline of the neck, a double chin appears. In such cases, liposuction of the neck and lower face and fat transfer or implant in the chin area, would visibly improve the appearance of such a “heavy” face.

    Can I have body plastic surgeries at a young age?

    Of course, liposuction at a young age gives incomparably better results than performed in adulthood, due to the elasticity of skin. Of course, these should be only modeling procedures, cause they would give the best results.

    As for breast implants, there are different opinions. There are more supporters of waiting for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Often it is better to improve breast size with hyaluronic acid. If you decide on implants, their size should be physiological.

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