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6 Plastic Surgery Facts

Updated November 29, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

Plastic surgery in Poland is becoming more and more popular. But what is the truth about plastic surgery? Find out:

1. Who has most plastic surgery done?

A recent study showed that plastic surgery is more common among women, as 91% of procedures were done on women. But this may soon change, as men are becoming more aware of their appearance.

2. Teenagers and surgery

Unfortunately, teenagers are also very concerned about their looks. Just about 2% of all cosmetic surgeries were done on people under 19. The most popular procedures are laser hair removal, rhinoplasty procedure and other laser treatments.

3. The most common age group

Almost half of all plastic surgeries were done on people aged 40 to 54.

4. Laser treatments

Clinic are offering more and more laser treatments as an alternative to plastic surgery. While plastic surgery includes risks laser treatments carry minimal risk, as they are often done without anesthesia.

5. Low prices

Plastic surgery used to be for wealthy people. Nowadays everyone can afford surgery as often if you travel abroad you may find lower prices and clinics often offer payment in installments.

6. The most popular surgery

Even though plastic surgery is offering more procedures every year, the number one surgery is still breast enlargement in Poland.

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