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    Are plastic surgeries in Poland painful?

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Many people associate plastic surgery in Poland with post-operative pain and inconvenience. Despite the intensive development of medicine, this fear is still with us. How, then, is it in reality- does plastic surgery hurt?

    “Will my plastic surgery hurt?”

    Typically, each patient before surgery, asks the doctor “will it hurt?” Fear of pain is a natural human instinct, but it also very often becomes the main factor that influences our decisions concerning surgeries. The truth is that any interference in the human body is associated with a variety of effects, including pain. However, the development of medicine significantly increased the possibility of fighting the pain. Currently, most treatments – depending on their characteristics – take place under general or local anesthesia. This reduces discomfort associated with the feeling of pain to almost zero.

    plastic surgery in Poland

    One-day Surgery

    A new thing in medicine is the so called one-day surgery, where the time between carrying out the operation and the patient’s discharge is reduced up to 24 hours. This is possible because of the modern medicine and the development of medical equipment used for anesthesia and monitoring of vital functions. Furthermore, modern pharmacological medicines are also characterized by ultra-short duration – their influence in the organism disappears after a few hours. Thanks to this, the well-being of patients after surgery is much better than in case of previously used drugs, which usually caused prolonged sleepiness or general fatigue.

    Treatment of pain

    In recent years, tremendous changes have been also introduced into the postoperative patient care. In the past, during the period of convalescence the inconvenience connected with pain were treated with conventional painkillers, whose effectiveness was various. Today, modern therapies are used: they consist mainly of combining drugs from different groups, which significantly improves their effectiveness and patient’s comfort. Treatment is more effective through the use of medications on a continuous basis or in advance before you get the sensation of pain.

    Pain treatment in practice

    Breast augmentation is now the most popular plastic surgery. Thanks to the general anesthesia, the procedure is entirely painless. After the surgery, you may feel soreness around the chest. Treatment consists primarily of the use of oral analgesics. Patients usually come back to full active life after 5-7 days.
    Another common treatment is facelift. In this case, minor swelling can appear after the procedure, which causes discomfort and pain. These inconveniences, however, are easily controlled with general analgesics.

    Of course, right now we cannot completely eliminate the pain associated with the surgeries. However, the continuous development of medicine, the introduction of new solutions, new drugs and the constant concern for patients’ comfort means that we can more effectively fight the unpleasant pain.

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