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    How to take pictures for your plastic surgery consultation

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Beauty Poland offers free email consultation. The patient who wants to know all surgery details, estimated effects, surgery range and final price should send us some photos. It is crucial to send appropriate photos, as surgeon basis only on them. You know your face very well, but surgeon sees you the first time, he needs good quality photos from the different sides to examine your pictures well. It enables your doctor to educate you about the procedure and anticipated results better. Photos serve as a valuable aid when your doctor is explaining how a procedure will work and what changes you can expect to see.

    You do not have to worry that anyone will share your photos. Generally speaking, medical professionals will not ever share any of your information regarding your surgery, or photos without your written permission. However, if you’re still worried about privacy, you may blur your face. What is more, well-taken photos might be a proof also. Insurance companies tend to pay for procedures more easily when they can see visual evidence of badly performed surgery. Photos are also good evidence how you looked before surgery.
    There are lots of reasons why both you and your doctor benefit from clinical photography, but the biggest reason is that they can help you receive better care overall.

    First of all:

    • Send photos at their largest size
    • Take pictures in best quality (computer camera photos are not advised)
    • Take pictures in bright / sunny room (photos must not be dark)
    • Do not use any instagram / snap chat / photoshop filters or heavy make up

    For a face procedures like the face lift, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, chin liposuction or otoplasty Poland surgeon requires 3 photos, from front left and right side.

    For body procedures like tummy tuck, breast enlargement, liposuction abroad, we need pictures of your body from the front, left, right side and back.

    First, take some profile views and a frontal view from the close distance. The surgeon needs to see your head and neck to check proportions.

    We will need photos like below:







    Try don’t  take pictures behind the colorful background.






    Try don’t take pictures with the shadow behind you.






     Do not take pictures with no focus.






    Do not wear glasses, hat, or any accessories which may hide your face.






    Do not smile, as your face proportions and facial contours are changed.






    Do not take partial pictures, the surgeon needs to see your whole body/ face to see proportions.





    Examples of how pictures for your plastic surgeon should look like




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