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Perfect Candidate For A Gastric Band

Updated November 24, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

cutting fat bellyGastric band surgery is the procedure that lets obese people have their quality of life and confidence back. It is not merely the way to just shed a few kilograms off weight and the decision must be made responsibly with the doctor. Bariatric surgery is a tool to lose a big amount of weight for the people who have a high Body Mass Index (BMI), as well as for those who have serious health problems because of their weight.

Criteria for a gastric band

There are many criteria for a gastric band and it is not the procedure You can just decide to undergo. In this situation, You must consult with a physician, who will consider Your health and other factors. The doctor will usually discuss with You what other procedures You might benefit from, as there are many not as effective, but less invasive, that may be beneficial for a number of people. A doctor must explain to You what risks are connected with a lap-band. Not every patient realize that there are many precautions and steps they must take before and after the lap-band for it to be effective. These are necessary if You want to be sure that You have a safe gastric band.

Safe gastric band

A lap-band is a band that gets inserted into your body in the way that it tightens the part of Your stomach. This way You are full sooner and Your appetite may be smaller. The effect may be a quick weight loss. But the patient must realize that gastric band is not the remedy to all of the problems. It is the perfect procedure for anyone, who tried it all and know, that only this will help in losing weight for good. But it may not be as beneficial in case of patients, who don’t commit fully to the process or doesn’t understand it. One study from Stanford University concludes that the more body weight patient sheds before the procedure, the better the result of it will be.

There are other important factors. For example, if after the gastric band abroad patient may have a smaller appetite, but if he still prefers to eat a lot because of his habit or lifestyle, gastric band may not be enough. Also if a patient chooses very fatty products, he can still have problems with losing weight, as his calories intake may be higher than the body needs. The other problem might be if the patient eats less, but the food is of poor quality and doesn’t have enough minerals and vitamins. In this scenario, a patient with a lap-band may be deficient, which may be a big risk for his health. Also in case of patients with mental problems such as bulimia and anorexia gastric band abroad may be very dangerous, as it will further suppress the calories’ intake. Also in the case of bulimia, the vomiting may shorten the gastric band life, making it necessary to undergo another operation in a few years after the initial gastric band. The honesty towards the doctor planning the procedure and the consultant afterward is very important.

Cheap gastric band

As you can see the overall result of Your cheap gastric band will be satisfying only if the patient will commit himself to a healthier lifestyle such as diet and exercise. Overall patients BMI should be higher than 35 or more than 30 paired with any serious health issue. This may include type 2 diabetes, Gerd, asthma, sleep apnea, infertility or joint problems. There are other instances in which doctors recommend this procedure even if the weight doesn’t meet the requirements. If You are not sure how it is in Your case feel free to contact our team.

The gastric band risk and complications

As with any procedure, there is a risk of complications. In case of obese patients, it is usually higher, as well as in case of patients who don’t follow the healthy lifestyle. Naturally, it makes risk possible in case of this sort of procedure higher than in average procedure. Still, it is not very high: for example for band slippage, it is just 1 percent in case of patients with lower weight and 4-5 percent in case of higher weight. That is why doctors insist on lowering the weight as much as possible before the procedure. It is also important to know, that due to wear and tear 5 to 10 percent of patients will need and additional gastric surgery in the further stages of their life. There are ways to reduce this risks. To do that You must be honest with Your doctor. For example, if You vomit regularly after the meal it is possible that Your gastric band will erode sooner. Also, if You don’t follow the dietary instructions, especially in the first weeks after the operation, the risk may go up. So for the patients who are fully committed, the risk of any problems will be lower.

Gastric band Poland

This sort of procedure may be stressful. The only way to feel more secure during and after it is to choose the professional team and the right clinic. Usually, in the United Kingdom and other Western European countries, it may be really expensive to have this procedure with the assistance of the best doctors. In the instance of Poland the overall prices for services are lower, so You can get into the best clinic much cheaper than it would cost You in Your country. The clinics typically charge less for every day stayed in the clinic, as well as for procedures and consultations. Meanwhile, the doctors are true professionals with diplomas of respectable European universities. It is common for them to speak English, so You don’t have to worry about Your comfort during the procedure. gastric band Poland is the way to save money, but with no effect on the quality of the procedure. If You have any additional questions You can contact our team, which will be happy to help You and advise.

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