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    Patient Stories – Katrin`s Tummy Tuck in Poland

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Katrin is a happy mom of three kids, wife and a very determined young businesswoman who lives in Manchester, UK. Though nothing is as perfect as it seems. Katrin contacted Beauty Poland on 9th of April 2017. After 3 pregnancies she gained some weight, but that was not her main issue. As she is a very stubborn person in general, she started exercising and maintained her healthy diet. She lost the weight, but the loose skin was still there, getting even worse. As she said “I have never thought this would happen to me. I put so much work and effort to lose weight, yet I still looked bad. The amount of skin that was ridiculously hanging from my stomach was horrible. It wasn’t something that I could deal with by myself. There is no cure for that, no cream or diet, which could help it.” As most of the patients with the excess of skin on the tummy area, she started feeling worse and worse about her looks, she thought that she is not attractive anymore, she couldn’t wear tight dresses, which “filled her closet for nothing.” She said: “don’t get me wrong, cause I don’t want to seem like a terrible mother, but it was the pregnancies to blame, one after another ruined the skin on my tummy”. As she was getting more and more anxious about the issue, she decided to finally do something about it.

    The decision to come to Poland for abdominoplasty

    Katrin decided on undergoing a tummy tuck surgery, so she started doing the research on local clinics. She admits: “when I saw the prices of the tummy tuck surgery in Manchester I almost started crying… I have a family, 3 kids and a small business, there was no way I could afford it. I started thinking about saving but it would mean another couple of months or even a year with the hideous look of my stomach. I was on the verge… I had to do something about it as quickly as possible”. She met with a friend the next day to talk about her problems and look for some comfort talk, which turned out to be a life-changing moment. Her friend – Olivia told her about this new trend, where people go abroad for treatment or plastic surgeries, so-called medical tourism. Olivia’s husband is Polish and told them how health care, hospitals, and clinics look like in Poland. Katrin states that: “I was shocked when I heard about it! Polish doctors seem to be as good as British ones, but the prices are so much lower! The thing that spoke to me was one sentence – tummy tuck in Poland is cheap.” Katrin came home, sat in front of the computer and started looking for some clinics, but as she says “I had no idea what I was doing”.

    First contact with Beauty Poland

    She found Beauty Poland website, where on the 9th of April she filled out a short form and sent an inquiry. This is how she describes the next following days “I sent a message, went to the kitchen to make some tea and I heard the phone ringing. Some foreign number, but I thought that maybe it was my business supplier. I answered and heard that lovely voice “Hello, I am calling from Beauty Poland”. I was shocked! It took them like 2 minutes to get back to me! I was talking to this wonderful young lady, who asked me questions, explained how all of it works and asked for pictures of my tummy. I was a little confused, to be honest, but she said that on the basis of the photos surgeon can actually qualify me for the surgery and provide an exact price. I was stunned and so relieved. I didn’t even have to go anywhere! Simple photos and that’s it! I have immediately sent some pictures and the next thing I know, I get an email back. The doctor has checked my photos and gave me the quote. Again, a shock! I almost cried again, but this time – happy tears. The price for my tummy tuck abroad was half of the amount I would pay in the UK!”.

    Tummy tuck surgery in Poland

    Katrin’s surgeon proposed her available dates and she picked one of them immediately. It was quite a short notice, however, nothing is impossible for Beauty Poland. Katrin has decided to come to the clinic in Wroclaw the next week. She says “It all happened so quickly and I was so happy! I booked my flights and that’s basically it. I decided on the package – my wonderful patient advisor booked my accommodation and all of the transfers for me, so easy!”. Katrin came for her surgery on 18th of April 2017. She was picked up from the airport and taken for the medical tests, to ensure that everything is fine. The next day, was a big day – surgery itself. She told us “of course I was a little nervous, who wouldn’t be? I got picked up from the hotel. When I arrived at the clinic my first impression was that it looked very clean. That’s a good sign, right? I met my surgeon straight away. Such a nice guy, very calming and soothing. He walked me through the procedure and the next steps. I was taken for the surgery at 4 p.m. I had general anesthesia so that’s basically all that I can remember” she laughs. During the tummy tuck, procedure surgeon removed the excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. Additionally, plenty of her stretch marks was also removed. At the end, the surgeon placed the drains to remove excess fluid. Katrin stayed the night in the clinic, to ensure her safety and control the pain.

    Everything was going just fine, so she was released from the clinic the next day. The later days Katrin describes as follows: “The first day after the surgery was the most difficult for me, I was mostly sleeping and skyping with my husband and kids. My tummy was actually not hurting that bad, I expected the pain to be worse. The doctor prescribed me some pain-killers, just in case, but I didn’t really need them. The next day I was able to walk quite freely, but I stayed at the hotel too, as I did not want to mess anything up. On the third day, I was able to take a walk and do a little bit of sightseeing, I really enjoyed Wroclaw Old Town, very nice place! I had some lunch outside, the spring has sprung in Poland so the weather was beautiful. Something that we don’t really have back at home. In general, I was having quite a good time there, but I hope we can take a family trip to Wroclaw next year.

    After abdominoplasty abroad

    6 days after the surgery I had a checkup visit with my doctor. He said that everything looks fine and I am ready to go home. He also removed the drains, but left my compression garments.” Katrin returned home the next day. She contacted us again after 3 months to share her experience and let us know that everything looks great and she is doing very well. Katrin told us: “I am very happy with the whole experience. I saved up so much money! Tummy tuck in Poland was cheap but also a great quality. I’d like to thank the whole Beauty Poland Team, my doctor, nurses, drivers, and coordinators. They made everything so easy for me, no stress, no issues with scheduling anything. Everyone was extremely helpful and very understanding. It may sound stupid, but that one trip to Poland has changed my life. I’m back to being happy and I love the look of my stomach. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!”.

    Katrin is following healthy diet and exercise regimen, so her look will continue to improve. Beauty Poland keeps in touch with her after the affordable tummy tuck abroad.

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