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    Patient Story – Emily`s liposuction in Poland

    Updated February 28, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Emily is a Beauty Poland patient living in Glasgow. She contacted Beauty Poland in December 2016. She has never been obese but had some weight problems since childhood. In her 30s, Emily has changed her eating habits for better and started practicing jogging. Her general health improved significantly, she also got rid of excess fat on her arms and thighs. Nonetheless, she admitted that the fat on her tummy was impossible to eliminate. Over years, she experimented with various sports and diets but has never been satisfied with her tummy. As she stated: “The more healthily I ate, the more upset I was just because the fat on my stomach did not disappear. I tried everything – diets, sports, massages, creams, bodices, and nothing was effective. As a result, I got more and more demotivated and helpless. Maybe my genes or hormones are to blame – I don’t know, but my tummy was always a fatty thing”.

    Stomach liposuction was the last resort for Emily. She realized it can be the only effective solution in October 2016. She visited a plastic surgeon in Edinburgh, but the price for tummy liposuction was unbelievably high, so she dropped the idea for some time.

    In December 2016, she came across Beauty Poland website while looking for affordable liposuction abroad.

    First contact with Beauty Poland

    Emily reckons her first contact with our company: “I filled in the form on the website and wrote that I desperately look for liposuction. I sent it and in 2 minutes my phone rang. It was the worker of Beauty Poland. The person was so professional, convincing, and helpful that now, after several months, I can admit that, consciously or not, I made a decision to have the surgery in Poland during this phone call”. Emily has never been to Poland before, so she had many concerns about the surgery here. But, she got all the information she needed and all her questions were answered immediately. 

    Liposuction price

    She received the quotation from the surgeon 4 days after she contacted Beauty Poland.

    “It’s great that I can get to know all the surgery details and price on the basis of my photos. It makes everything much easier. After I sent my photos, I waited for a response only 2 days. As I opened the email, I was really happy with what I saw. I was quoted 2100 GBP for tummy and flanks liposuction. That was 3 times cheaper than in Edinburgh. I was just over the moon.”

    Emily adds that her concerns about the surgery started to appear after some time. She pondered whether the quality was high if the price was so low, how she would organize her journey, what she would do after she lands in Poland. Of course, Emily’s advisor from Beauty Poland ensured her that she might call him anytime she needed. “So I did”, says Emily.

    “I called Beauty Poland regularly several times a week. I called them to ask about anything that came to my mind regarding the surgery. At some point, I felt that if I hadn’t known what to make for dinner, I would have called Beauty Poland. They were so patient with me. Now I appreciate that”.

    Emily decided to have liposuction in Poland in February 2017. She had many concerns regarding the organization of the whole trip but got invaluable help from Beauty Poland. Her advisor found really affordable flight tickets just for 23 GBP including the return ticket. Emily also bought the all-inclusive package. All inclusive package includes the stay in a hotel, airport pick-up and all taxi transfers between the clinic and hotel. She chose 1 of 3 hotels offered to her and was explained exactly where the driver waited as she landed.

    “The package made everything very easy. I felt secure and comfortable with having everything organized by people who knew how to do that!”,

    admits Emily.

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    Stay in Poland during the liposuction treatment

    Emily was asked to describe her stay in Poland:

    “I arrived at the Airport in Wroclaw on the 6th February. I took my baggage, went out and after 5 minutes I found the driver. To my surprise, that was not a taxi, but a real driver! I felt like a star. He took me to the clinic where I was welcomed by a friendly nurse. She showed me the clinic, answered my questions, explained all details of my surgery, and of course performed all the tests. That day, I spend in the clinic 2 hours – the tests lasted 0,5h and the rest of time I was talking to that nice nurse. After we finished, the driver took me to my hotel. The hotel also met my expectations, it had an inside restaurant, so I ate lunch. The next day in the morning I went for a walk and saw some nice places, I was picked up at 2 pm from the hotel and taken to the clinic. I had a talk with the surgeon and after that, the nurse started preparing me for the surgery. From what I remember, it started around 4 pm. I regained consciousness at night, but I hardly remember it, as I woke up about 10 am the next day. I was bandaged. The surgeon came around 11 am and we talked for a while. After dinner, he came once again and then, he explained to me what the nearest weeks would look like, he prescribed me some medications and garment and gave me very detailed instructions. I felt some dull pain in the waist and back area, but it was bearable. The nurse helped me pack my stuff and we had a small chat. She called the driver who took me to my hotel. I spent 3 days in the hotel. In fact, I did nothing apart from watching TV and surfing the Net. I took care of the incision places, wore a compression garment and took pills, as instructed. I felt ok, the tummy area was slightly swollen and bruised. I felt some discomfort and pain, but hour after hour it was becoming less and less sensible. The day before my arrival I went for a short walk as the weather was brilliant and on that day I had my control visit in the clinic. Again, the doctor explained to me everything, checked my tummy and allowed me to come back home”.

    Emily had no problems on her way back – she said she fell asleep on the plane and felt no pain at all. She also mentioned that on her way back, mentally, she felt much better, as all swelling and bruising had already disappeared and her tummy area had already started to change.

    Liposuction results

    Now, it’s been 5 months after the surgery. Our consultant contacted Emily and asked about the effects. She reported that within 4,5 months, her abdomen area has changed so much that no one could believe it. The size of her jeans decreased from 12 to 8! Her stomach is finally flat, the amount of fat on her tummy is little and within the norm scale. What is important to Emily, her way of living has changed dramatically.

    ”I’m finally proud of my body, I feel no embarrassment while going out or having “moments” with my partner. I feel so confident and attractive that sometimes I just cannot believe that’s me! I only regret that I waited for so long before I decided to have the surgery because, in fact, the liposuction in Poland was much cheaper than all my diets, gym membership cards, and massages!”

    Now, Emily leads a healthy lifestyle, but no more diets or exhausting exercises are necessary. She just keeps fit, prepares meals at home, and it is enough for her to stay in shape. Her tummy looks better and better every week.

    Last, but not least, Emily thanked Beauty Poland for our help, sending the following email:

    “Thank you for your help, patience, and sympathy. Beauty Poland team does a great job from the 1st contact till months after the surgery. Thanks for organizing flights, hotels, and transports. Thanks for hours spent on the phone with me – I know I might have been snippy and burdensome, but I really appreciate you were so professional and never irritated:). You made me feel safe and confident coming to the country I had never been before. Above all, I need to say that the total sum spent on surgery, flights, hotels, food, and souvenirs in Poland was less than 3000 GBP – it’s unbelievable! If I knew about you before, I would have decided for the surgery many years earlier! You change people’s lives and help them a lot – I’m so grateful that I cannot find words for that.”

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