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    Is otoplasty safe for children ?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    little girl The best solution to enhance the shape and appearance of your ears is to undergo the ear surgery abroad commonly called “ear pinning”. Otoplasty is advisable in cases of protruding, lop or disfigured ears. Deformed or protruding ears is the common cause of teasing among the school children thus many parents treat this problem very seriously. The scale of the problem is immense, being bullied in childhood may be the reason for the decrease in self-respect. Generally, you should wait for the majority of plastic surgeries until the child stops growing.  Further growth can negate, the effect of the surgery.

    Causes  of otoplasty

    Pinna, as well as outer ear, do not influence the quality of hearing. Excessively pinning ears that can be the reason of depression or awkwardness. Being laughed at may influence child’s self-esteem.

    Not only children can feel awkwardness because of pinning ears, adults also can feel so embarrassed that it may influence their daily routine.

    The effects of otoplasty

    Otoplasty for children is the best way to reshape or change the position of an ear. Ear pinning is one of the most popular ear surgery that aims at relocating the ears closer to a head.  The scar is invisible because it is located behind the ear in the point where ear connects head. The excessive skin or cartilage is removed so that the ear is brought closer to head with sutures. It may seem that otoplasty is intended only for children but, in fact, ear surgery is for anyone who is not pleased with the shape of their ears! Your doctor will provide you with your individual itinerary of your ear pinning in Poland. Otoplasty is totally safe and does not influence the quality of hearing.

    When is the best moment to perform otoplasty? Is there any minimum age for otoplasty?

    Perfect age for otoplasty is before your child’s ears are near to the size of adult’s ears. Luckily, 80% of grown-up size is reached before the children’s 5th birthdays. In other words, the otoplasty abroad can be performed before your child starts to attend to primary school!  Most surgeons advice to undergo ear surgery during holiday break before the child start to attend the new school i.e the period between kindergarten and primary school. Certainly, ear surgery performed on children has its pros and cons. The great asset of undergoing affordable ear surgery at the young age is the possibility of avoidance being bullied at school because of unusual ears’ shape or size. Moreover, the cartilage is more ductile at the young age so that the change of the ear’s shape is easier.

    On the flip side, one of the most prominent pros of performing otoplasty at an older age is that there is a possibility of performing otoplasty under local anaesthetic thus the risk of connected with pediatric anaesthesia is reduced. In case of a little child senseless to expect a child to have the procedure done under local anaesthesia. Consequently, the ten-year-old child will be more willing to follow doctors’ advice and the cooperation with an older child will go smoothly.

    Is your child in perfect age to perform ear pinning in Poland?

    Recovery after ear pinning may be difficult for little children. They are lively so that they may be not able to implement surgeon’s advice after the procedure. Classic band-aid is used for few days after the surgery, that can cause discomfort for the lively child. Moreover, the sleeping with dressing is constricted, lack of proper sleep can strengthen the pain thus lengthen the period of recovery after ear pinning.

    In general ear, pinning is a safe procedure but as all procedures, it may create the risks like for example infections. Fortunately, most of the possible risk can be lowered by applying your surgeon’s indications. As It was mentioned before this may not work with little children, who are lively and not likely to sit in one place with bandages around their heads. Please, think about it while considering your child’s otoplasty.

    Healing time after ear pinning

    Healing period after ear surgery in Poland may pose a great challenge for little patients as well as for their parents. Few days following the patient has to wear a bandage on his/her head. It reinforces the healing and helps maintain ears in a good position.  You will be probably advised by your surgeon to come back in order to change the bandage. The new dressing would be lighter. Moreover, during this visit, you will be provided with the instruction how to deal with your new lighter bandage. Additionally, your doctor will prepare the list of indicators to follow in order to alleviate pain, enhance the healing process and minimalize the possibility of postoperative side effects.

    It is advisable to avoid usual activity for at least 7 days following the procedure. When it comes to children they need to receive unique post-operative care during the first couple of weeks after the procedure. You as a parent should restrict children from an excessive activity because it may hurt your ears. The more complex the surgery is the longest healing period is needed. In all instances without exceptions ears cannot be fold for over a month.

    After otoplasty the following side effect can occur:



    Numbness and interim inconvenience

    Medication prescribed by your surgeon

    Swelling up

    The best solution is to keep your head up, the aliment will gradually wear off within one week.

    Unlikely impression as i.e itching

    Will disappear in and of itself after approximately 6 months

    Occasional headaches

    May be alleviated by using long lasting local anesthesia

    To sum up, Performing otoplasty at a young age is beneficial because it not only enhances child’s appearance but also helps avoid being bullied at school. Despite appearances being teased at school can lead to the serious disorders of lack of self-esteem. If you are looking for affordable and safe otoplasty in Poland the best solution is to choose the services of Beauty Poland. It is the company which serves over 300 of foreign patients yearly! The company offers not only the best quality services but also the most affordable prices. Do not hesitate fill in the application form on beautypoland.com and contact well-trained team of customer service consultants.

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