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    Is an otoplasty painful?

    Updated November 28, 2018
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    girl touching her faceOtoplasty is a great alternative to change the appearance of your ears and solve other issues associated with it. Many men and women suffer from various discomforts strictly related to their ears, therefore, causing unfavourable psychological effects. They range from anxiety to high self-consciousness which appears to stem from this physical issue. Frequently, people who made the decision to undergo otoplasty abroad, enquire about the procedure itself, for example, if they feel pain after otoplasty, are there any scars after otoplasty how the surgery and recovery looks like. The answer to this question is positive: the pain is minimal and recovery time in comparison with other surgeries is short.

    After the otoplasty surgery

    Most patients are supposed to wear head dressing to help ears heal properly and avoid any potential exterior interference.

    After the surgeon takes off the head dressing, the headband is put on so ears so that they will be protected properly. The main reason for this procedure is to protect ears from accidental strain especially during sleeping as they require special care after otoplasty surgery. Moreover, the best headband after otoplasty will also have a contribution to the healing process through pressing the ears together as it is beneficial for swelling and cushioning the stress from the sutures on ear cartilage. Due to this, the new position of the ears will be preserved. You don’t have to look for anything special when it comes to a headband. Even a tennis one will serve its purpose and will be a good component of the healing process.

    Post – operation expectations

    After the surgery, there is a great chance that hearing may be improved straight away after awakening, yet small bleeding behind the ear cannot be ruled out thus hearing may be somehow impaired. From ten to two weeks the fluid centred behind the ear will dry so the hearing will be sharpened. Generally, avoid loud noises as the hearing will be quite sensitive until the time your ears will be accustomed to sounds properly.

    Moreover, at the beginning try to shy away from lifting heavy objects, do not allow water get into your ears and be careful when blowing your nose hard. It is also recommended to stay at home for the first week after the procedure especially for those who work physically. The optimal time for them is three weeks for the healing process and for a proper hearing to return. There are also some unpredictable noises in the ear (tinnitus) after the surgeries, yet significant amount of patients feel relief after six weeks

    Activity after the surgery

    Strenuous exercises are allowed after two weeks so that tissues may heal properly, but some undemanding physical activities like walking is a good option. After two weeks you may start engaging in aerobics. After the first two weeks, aerobics, running, stair climbing, exercise bicycling and treadmills are allowed yet weightlifting is permitted not until the third week after the procedure.  You may take a shower only when your head bandages have been removed and the elastic headband was put on and this type of band should be exchanged every time after showering.


    Swelling is a common phenomenon after otoplasty yet it is mild. Try to sleep with your head elevated and sit in an upright position on a daily basis for a couple of days so that the swelling will not be a nuisance. Usually, it takes up to 10 days for swelling to wear out.


    Just like swelling, bruising is common after otoplasty. They may ‘’move’’ to the neck before they finally disappear, yet you have to wait about seven days for them to resolve. Good news is that you may hide them with make-up after a week.


    The little amount of blood and tissue fluid placed along the staple lines may turn up a few days after the surgery. If it happens that bleeding is severe or cannot stop after 10 minutes of intense pressure you should report it to the doctor as soon as possible.


    You may feel itching in the areas where sutures were placed and close to the face like scalp and forehead, but do not worry as it is really common. Usually, numbness felt in your ear will cede after a few weeks.


    Patients may complain about some discomfort after the surgery. This is not like a real pain, they describe it rather as soreness which is bearable. It may be easily cushioned by acetaminophen or acetaminophen with codeine. Also, an ear may be prone to tenderness, yet it does not last long.


    You may also feel that your ear is heavy. It is due to the fact that the ear is swollen and other changes happening during healing.

    Recovery after the otoplasty

    You probably would like to know how the healing process after otoplasty will look like in case you or your child underwent this procedure.  Parents are usually worried about possible pain and other inconveniences connected with otoplasty, but the truth is that most patients find it really bearable and pain level is also not really high.

    Those who decide to have otoplasty performed are highly satisfied with the results. Many adults decide to do it usually after a long period of time and when it comes to children it is due to the fact that some of them experienced mocking or taunts from their peers, after that they feel great relief. Perhaps, it is possible that they go through the healing process so smoothly due to these reasons.

    Otoplasty in Poland

    Otoplasty in Poland is the best solution for those who would like to change the appearance of their ears and finally restore their self-confidence.

    Right after the otoplasty head bandages are required to maintain the effects of the surgery and the position of the ears will be preserved. There are also some side-effects like swelling, bruising, bleeding and discomfort but usually it lasts no more than a few days.

    Therefore, if you consider any changes in your ears you can always contact Beauty Poland to look for more specific information regarding the surgery and cost of otoplasty so that finally be content with your new look.

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