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    Open vs. closed rhinoplasty: Which type of cheap rhinoplasty in Poland you should choose?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Rhinoplasty Poland, commonly known also as a nose job, is a type of procedure that may help you to deal with the bad appearance of your nose, breathing problems, nasty scars, and many others. Those are the most popular reasons for hundreds of patients to travel to Poland, every year, looking for good quality, highly experienced doctors, and simply cheap rhinoplasty. If you are also a person who considers having rhinoplasty abroad, you may find this article useful.

    Who should consider having cheap open rhino abroad?

    Open rhinoplasty in Poland is widely recommended for patients with significant deformations of the nose. It is also very useful in the cases, like breathing problems, former nose injuries, deviated septum or internal nasal valve dysfunction. Open rhinoplasty requires 2 types of incisions of ‘zig-zag’ shape. The first one is done by the doctor on the outer skin of your nose while the second one is performed from the inside. This kind of procedure takes longer, is more advanced and a little bit more expensive but can lead to extremely satisfying results.

    Who should consider having closed rhinoplasty in Poland?

    Closed rhinoplasty is often named also as an endonasal rhinoplasty. It takes its name from the fact, that literally all the incisions done by the surgeon are placed inside of your nostrils. This type of cheap rhinoplasty in Poland is slightly cheaper and requires a shorter period of recovery. However, if properly conducted, may in particular cases provide very good effects. If you do not want to make dramatic changes in your nose appearance you should definitely consider closed rhinoplasty in Poland.

    Open VS Closed rhinoplasty in Poland

    We have prepared very general information about both procedures to give you a general idea of how both types of cheap rhinoplasty in Poland look like in comparison.

    more sophisticated, complicated procedureless invasive technique
    longer time of stay in Poland required (up to 8 days)short stay in Poland (from 5-6 days)
    slightly longer time of recoveryshorter time of recovery
    more expensiveless expensive

    Open and closed rhinoplasty abroad price comparison

    If you still not sure which type of cheap rhinoplasty in Poland would be the best solution in your case, do not hesitate to contact Beauty Poland. We will do our best to guide you and help you. Our consultant will provide you with all necessary information and can assist you at every stage of your treatment. Go for your cheap rhinoplasty today!

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