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    Can your nose shape change over the years after rhinoplasty abroad?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    nose job PolandIf you dream about having a proportional, straight and attractive nose, there is no other way to change it than having a rhinoplasty. More and more people can afford it thanks to a cheap rhinoplasty abroad. In Poland, we offer affordable nose surgery, as a result of which you not only gain a beautiful nose but also save a lot of money. Your rhinoplasty in Poland will completely change a look of your face and your nose will not be a source of any complexes anymore. But you need to remember that nose shape, regardless of whether or not you have rhinoplasty, always changes slightly over time.

    Final rhinoplasty abroad results will be seen over the time

    When you come to Poland to have your cheap rhinoplasty abroad, you will be allowed to return your home after one week, but the recovery process is much longer than your stay in Poland. The results of your rhinoplasty are appearing gradually while swelling and bruising are soothing. The final effect is visible after a few months, so the most important thing is to be patient. After all swelling and bruising are gone, you will enjoy the results of your rhinoplasty in Poland for the rest of your life. You can contribute to the results appearing faster if you follow all instructions given to you by your doctor in Poland. You will be asked e.g. to avoid exercising and lifting heavy things for several weeks or not to squeeze or bump your nose. The more carefully you follow all doctor’s recommendations, the faster final effect comes!

    With or without rhinoplasty abroad your nose changing shape over time

    A very important aspect worth remembering is that a nose changes its shape over time. This fact concerns natural as well as operated noses. Of course, this change is minor, almost invisible, so there is not any danger that the hump on your nose will appear 30 years after you had it removed. Noses change their shape due to aging processes when the tissues become looser and the amount of collagen in the skin diminishes. Everyone needs to bear in mind that a nose, as well as any other body part, is getting older over time and such changes, just like appearing wrinkles, are totally natural and have nothing in common with nose surgery. Once you decide to come to Poland for your cheap rhinoplasty abroad, you will enjoy your new nose and can be sure that the old shape and size of your nose is gone forever.

    As long as you realize that your nose is susceptible to minor changes over time, which is completely natural and concerns every person, you can relish the effects of your rhinoplasty abroad. Many a time, rhinoplasty totally changes the look of one’s face, that is why so many people dream about it. Now, thanks to Beauty Poland, you can stop dreaming because we offer you amazingly cheap rhinoplasty in Poland. We also offer all-inclusive packages, thanks to which you will feel as if you went on holidays to Poland, not a surgery! Contact us and make your nose look attractive and proportional thanks to your affordable rhinoplasty abroad.

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