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    Stuur vraag naar de beste plastische chirurgie klinieken in Polen

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    Updated juli 21, 2014

    “My surgeon in the plastic surgery clinic in Warsaw was very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I had breast enlargement surgery and the sentance “I am happy” is not enough to express my satisfaction! I am delighted with the result, which exceeded my expectations. Medical care at the clinic was also great. The clinic staff was very helpful and caring and conditions in the room was perfect – comfortable and clean. I would definitely recommend cosmetic surgery in Poland.”

    Anna, UK


    ” I decided on the breasts correction after having two children. For a long time I was thinking about whether to do it or not. Now, after the surgery, which was done in Warsaw, I have absolutely no regrets. Thanks to the experience of my doctor I chose  the ideal size and shape of the implants and I was not disappointed with the results!”



    “Hi, I had breast enlargement surgery in the clinic in Warsaw. I am very happy, I have the size I wanted. Everything looks natural (even my husband who was against the surgery is pleased with the results) In the  clinic in Warsaw I felt like in a good hotel. The clinic staff took care of me, and they asked if everything is okay every few minutes. After the surgery, I had no bruising, swelling, there was practically no pain.  At the moment I have two tiny scars that fade with each passing month. Finally, I am not ashamed of my body!”

    Camilla, Norway


    “Coming from the UK to Poland for surgery was a bit daunting, however the professionalism, skill and knowledge of the surgeon put my mind at ease, I knew I was in good hands.  The clinic its self was outstanding, it was clean and modern. The staff where wonderful and I am very happy with the level if care i received.  So far I am delighted with my results, and pleased with the level of aftercare. I would defiantly use Beutypoland and the Clinic again. “



    “Just a short mail to thank you and the Dr. for all the help with my procedure (also the staff at the clinic who were very friendly). It has been over 2 weeks now and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The scars is minimal and the effect as desired. Also the email correspondence was always fast and courteous.”

    Brad P., Germany

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