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    7 myths and facts about tummy tuck abroad

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Beautiful tummy of a womanTummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a plastic surgery that aims to tighten belly muscles and get rid of excess skin and fat on the stomach. This procedure is recommended to people who lost a lot of weight or to women who are done having children. If you think that tummy tuck is the surgery for you, you should read more about this procedure and book your tummy tuck in Poland!

    Myth 1: Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Cannot Be Performed Together

    Fact: Of course it is possible to combine these two surgeries! In some cases surgeons suggest doing tummy tuck with liposuction to achieve desired effects. Sometimes abdominoplasty surgery is not enough for the patient and the surgeon suggests doing liposuction to get rid of that extra fat. Make sure to ask your surgeon what is the best option for you!

    Myth 2: Child Birth Is Not Possible After a Tummy Tuck

    Fact: Doing tummy tuck after childbirth is possible, but not recommended. If you do tummy tuck surgery and then get pregnant again, all the results of the surgery will be gone in a moment! Most of the surgeons believe that it is best to wait until you decide to finish having children before considering tummy tuck surgery.

    Myth 3: Future Weight Gain Will Not Affect the Tummy Tuck Look

    Fact: Unfortunately, the results of the tummy tuck surgery are not permanent and are not resistant to future weight gains. It is important to follow a diet and exercise as much as possible, to prevent gaining excess pounds. If after tummy tuck surgery the patient gains weight, than the muscles and skin will stretch again and all the results may be lost. All the patients need to be aware of future possible complications and they need to watch their weight.

    Myth 4: It’s possible to get rid of a flabby stomach with diet and exercise.

    Fact: It is important to understand what is the aim of tummy tuck surgery – tightening abdomen muscles and getting rid of loose or stretched skin. Unfortunately, no amount of diet and exercises will do that for you. If you lose a lot of pounds, tummy tuck surgery is the only solution for you to get back your tight stomach.

    Myth 5: The best time to have a tummy tuck is during a C-section.

    Fact: It is not recommended to do such procedure during a C-section. Your body has changed so much during the pregnancy that it needs time to get back to new normal. If any surgeon attempts to do abdominoplasty during C-section than he will not be able to predict the results of such surgery. Moreover, the tummy tuck surgery and C-section are performed on different parts of your belly, so the procedures are not similar.

    Myth 6: Tummy tuck helps remove stretch marks.

    Fact: This statement is not true. During tummy tuck the surgeon removes excess skin and there might be stretch marks on it, but this surgery is not performed to remove all stretch marks. The surgeon cuts off only pieces of skin that are necessary for the surgery.

    Myth 7: Only women undergo tummy tucks.

    Fact: Tummy tuck surgery is recommended to everyone that has excess skin and flabby stomach muscles. Men can have the procedure done, if they are healthy and have stable weight. Abdominoplasty surgery is a popular procedure among all the patients that want to change the looks of their belly.

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