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    How to minimize scars after tummy tuck Poland

    Updated November 20, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Tummy tuck in Polandtummy tuck abroad is a great solution for patients struggling with an excessive and sagging skin. We can offer you a cheap tummy tuck abroad, which will help you to get rid of your complexes and improve your physical and psychological condition. Tummy tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in Poland and is chosen by many patients from all over the world. If you look for a cheap tummy tuck abroad, you need to consider Poland, as it is a perfect destination for this surgery.

    What is tummy tuck Poland?

    Tummy tuck is called also abdominoplasty and is a plastic surgery which makes your stomach looks more firm, thin and modelled. Thanks to tummy tuck in Poland you will get rid of the excessive skin which is loose and sagged and also you will save your money because tummy tuck in Poland is really cheap. Your tummy tuck may concern the whole abdomen area as well as only specific parts of your stomach where you have excess skin. The procedure can last from 1 to 5 hours and is done under general anaesthesia. You would need to come for 5-6 days to Poland to have your tummy tuck surgery abroad.

    Where are tummy tuck scars located?

    The scars location depends on the area of your stomach from which the excessive skin is removed. In full tummy tuck the incisions are oriented horizontally and are made in the area between belly button and the pubic hairline. The size and shape of your incisions will depend on how much excessive skin you have and how much will be removed. If your tummy tuck in Poland concerns only upper abdomen part, the incisions are made around the navel. After the surgeon removes the unnecessary skin, the incisions are closed with sutures.

    How long does it take for tummy tuck scars to heal?

    After your tummy tuck in Poland, your surgeon will give you detailed instructions of how to take a proper care of the incisions. You will need to wear a special compression garment for several weeks in order that the effects could be most satisfactory and your scars could heal faster. Your incisions will heal relatively fast, but the scars healing may take up to one year. In order to fasten the process of scars healing you may use special creams and remember not to expose your abdomen to sun. As long as you follow your surgeon’s recommendations regarding taking care of your scars, with time they will become hardly visible and easy to cover by underwear.

    How can I minimize scars after tummy tuck?

    First of all, do not sunbathe for at least a year after your tummy tuck in Poland. Exposing your stomach to sun will make the scars look more dark, red and visible. When your skin is lighter, so are the scar, and as a result they are less visible. It is also important that you refrain from smoking. Smoking will lengthen the time of scar healing and may cause your scars will start to look ropey. You will be advised to take Vitamin E and apply special creams on your scars. Also, remember to apply sunscreen on your abdomen even if it is covered by clothes because UV rays can penetrate the layer of your clothing.

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