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    Mini tummy tuck abroad

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Mini tummy tuck is one of variation of standard abdominoplasty, known as tummy tuck procedure. Generally speaking, the mini tummy tuck is procedure aim to tighten lower tummy muscles and remove the excess of skin on lower tummy. The other name for mini tummy tuck abroad is the lower mini tummy tuck. Neither mini tummy tucks nor standard tummy tuck surgery Poland should be thought of as a weight loss procedure, but rather as a contouring procedure. Of course, after surgery patient will lose some weight, but the procedure is dedicated to improving tummy appearance. Mini tummy tuck, as well as other plastic surgeries, provides patients with the boost in self-confidence, which results in the better mood, sexy look, and better quality life.

    Who should consider mini tummy tuck abroad?

    The ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck Poland is patient with some excess of skin which is localized in lower tummy, under patient belly button and pubic bone. In case of the patient has both excess of skin and some fat around mini tummy tuck area liposuction might be combined with the mini tummy tuck surgery. Mini tummy tuck Poland might be combined with some small aesthetic procedures. Mini tummy tuck removed the fat located under the skin, which is not enough to remove all fat. That is why sometimes liposuction is advice also by your plastic surgeon.  Mini tummy tuck candidate should be in good general health, should have realistic expectation and must be prepared for recovery time. A woman who is pregnant or woman who is willing to have kids in future are not good candidates for cheap tummy tuck Poland.

    How mini-abdominoplasty in Poland is performed?

    Firstly, a general anesthetic will be administered, so it means that patient is in a deep sleep while mini tummy tuck procedure. An incision is made across your lower abdomen, from one hip to another hip. Incisor line is made on pants line, or bikini line, so that while wearing swimsuit incisors will not be visible. Your surgeon might ask you to bring favorite swimming suit with you to determine the incision lines.  Then, the surgeon will remove the excess of the skin, tissue and fat, if needed. The plastic surgeon will stretch abdominal muscles.  In some cases, your plastic surgeon may reposition your belly button.

    How much is mini tummy tuck abroad?

    Mini tummy tuck surgery Poland is cheaper than full tummy tuck abroad. The price begins from 1400 GBP. The price includes before surgery consultation with the plastic surgeon in the hospital, surgery with the general anesthetic, blood tests, and all examinations, all medicines, night in the clinic with meals included, post surgery check up and stitches removal. The price for mini tummy Poland is 1400 GBP which extremely good price, as the price for the mini tummy tuck in London starts from 4500 GBP. Each patient from the UK may save up to 70%.

    Benefits of having mini tummy tuck abroad

    The main benefit of mini tummy tuck abroad is shorter recovery time than in comparison to standard tummy tuck abroad. Another benefit of a mini-tummy tuck includes shorter time of surgery, the procedure lasts only 1 – 1,5 hour. After procedure patient will benefit from flat and slim tummy which will look perfect with underwear and bikini. The greatest benefits have the woman after pregnancy or after huge weight loss as mini tummy tuck provide them with tummy metamorphosis, the difference between before and after photos are great! The procedure is great for the woman who wants to shape and flat their tummies, as well.

    Beauty Poland offers best mini tummy tuck abroad prices combined with very high hospital standard. All our procedures are performed by best plastic surgeons Poland. Our foreign patients report that our surgeons are kind, always listen to patients needs and what is more important, that they are great specialists! We cooperate only with modern hospitals with well-educated stuff, fluently speaking English. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our sales team will prepare for you dedicated, personal surgery plan and all details regarding your stay in Poland, surgery, its price, your surgeon and clinic details.

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