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    Mini or full facelift in Poland – which Is right for me?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    You are probably aware of the fact that year by year your skin loses its elasticity. After the age of 25, the ability of skin to recover is becoming more and more limited. Creams, proper care is enough for some time but what if your face starts to look saggy? That is when most of the people start to look for surgical help and they very often go with a facelift in Poland. But the question is – “which type of cheap facelift in Poland should I choose?”. If you are looking for the answer to it – keep reading.

    Who should consider having full facelift in Poland?

    If you are a person who is looking for the most impressive effect – full facelift in Poland is definitely a solution that you should consider. It is the best option for the most demanding patients since it improves every area of your face. The surgeon will make the incisions just behind your hairline, so there is no need to worry it will be visible. Full facelift aims to inner tissues reposition (tissues located deeper beneath the skin) and then to tighten the outer skin removing at the same time the additional amount of it. During this procedure, it is also possible to get rid of sagging skin around your chin. A person who wants to restore a natural contour of the face is definitely a good candidate for full facelift in Poland.

    Who should consider having mini facelift in Poland?

    If your face has a youthful look in general but loses its shape, especially around the jawline, you should consider mini facelift. The best candidate for mini facelift is someone who has a sagging skin on jaw bones but on the other hand, does not require very invasive procedure. Mini facelift can be performed under local anesthesia. What is more, the recovery period is a way shorter.

    Which type of facelift is cheaper?

    Due to the fact that full facelift is more advanced as a procedure, it is usually also a little bit more expensive. Depending on the extension of the procedure that may be required in your case the price may vary, but it generally starts from 1900 EUR.

    If you still do not know which procedure would be better for you or you have some other questions – do not hesitate to contact Beauty Poland. It is our honor to help patients from abroad so we would be very happy to help you to perform your cheap facelift in Poland!

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