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    Medical Tourism

    Updated January 14, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Recently, medical tourism has become a global trend which has contributed to the promotion of combining treatment with rest. More and more people choose trips that allow them to relax and take care of their health and beauty at the same time. Such clinics and facilities offer their patients to combine business with pleasure. The resorts, which offer unique conditions for naturopathy, professional medical staff, high standard of medical services and the newest equipment, are certainly not complaining about the lack of customers.

    Besides, at the present day equally attractive are: dental clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, SPA institutes and wellness centers. This state of affairs contributed to a high position of Poland in the top ten European countries in terms of the number of such facilities. The consequence of this was the increased number of medical toursits coming to Poland from rich countries of the European Union. Especially popular with foreing patients are Polish health-resorts, wellness centers and SPA. Despite this, the spa guests enjoy not only the healing properties of mineral waters and mud, but also various treatments of the aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, dental services, ophthalmology and plastic surgeries. Still the most popular services include dental services and cosmetic surgery.

    Polish medical tourism is on the right track of development, which will allow to gain a wide range of regular patients who will benefit not only from the goods of medicine, but also from the properties of nature regardless of the current season. In addition, most of such centers and facilities are located in attractive Polish regions, so they also offer the possibility of staying in the midst of an incredible nature. Therefore, medical tourism has a great impact on the overall development of tourism in Poland.

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