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    Male rhinoplasty is popular

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    man after rhinoplastyNot until recently men started to realize that plastic surgeries are not only reserved for women, therefore it may be noticed that growing number of men decide to undergo plastic surgeries and one of them is rhinoplasty. With the rapid development and constant changes in culture, men put more emphasis on their appearance and try to look the best.

    Therefore, there is some pressure put on being beautiful and attractive and it also one of the main factors why men want to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery.  Although the shape of the nose is greatly influenced by genetics it is highly possible to change it through rhinoplasty abroad.

    Male rhinoplasty – a big step

    Although the surgeries may not differ from each other, anatomical and psychological discrepancies between the two sexes play a crucial part in the healing process. Firstly, the skin of male’s face is thicker so swelling after nose reduction surgery may last longer than in case of women. Their skin is also abundant with rich blood supplies which is another cause of prolonged swelling and bruising.

    Due to some differences in psychological issues,  men are prone to being impatient about the long healing process and the time for swelling to wear off. It may be a challenge for them to wait patiently from six months to a year for permanent results, therefore a consultation before the surgery is vital.

    Why is rhinoplasty so popular among men?

    It is common knowledge that rhinoplasty is becoming more popular and lots of men decide to have nose reduction surgery.  Motivation is different in each case but generally, they are as follow:

    • Nowadays the concept of women who can only have plastic surgeries is no longer valid. Men are no longer inhibited by this and eagerly make appointments for rhinoplasty surgery. Although it is thought that men do not really care much about their appearance it is not exactly true. As the society usually pays attention to someone’s look which may be even noticed on social media like Facebook it may be not a positive change but it constantly is in progress.
    • Moreover, there is a trend to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your diet in balance, therefore just to increase your self-confidence people start to choose rhinoplasty to make them feel prettier and have a more positive outlook on themselves.
      Some men undergo radical changes in their nose especially when they inherited a ‘family’ nose while others prefer to have some minimal changes in their nostrils or the tip.

    There are also other reasons for these changes like the nose is too big, has a hump, is too droopy, too wide, too thin, or unproportional with the rest of their face.

    Also, they wish to have a better profile, want their nose to be proportional but not to have dramatical changes. Another reason for rhinoplasty is being fed up with annoyance about the way the nose looks like and having a conviction that others are also distracted by this.

    One of the most common reasons for rhinoplasty is repairing old injuries like bike accidents, or while doing sports and after that many patients come to see the surgeon make their noses look great again

    Aid in breathing problems, for example, deviated septum ( repairing septum does not always involves changing the way a nose look like but many men opt to perform it together with rhinoplasty). Nevertheless, each case is individual and everyone has its own reasons to undergo the surgery.

    You are a perfect candidate if you have realistic goals, do not suffer from any diseases and stay in good health. In case you are a teenager, you will have a consultation with the surgeon so that he will examine your bones and will qualify for the surgery.

    Do I need a specialist for a male nose job?

    Ideally, you would like to have safe rhinoplasty performed once in a lifetime yet sometimes revision rhinoplasty is necessary if you did not select the surgeon carefully. Some unskilled surgeons have up to 20% revision rate, whereas, highly qualified surgeons rarely make mistakes and their work is excellent. Therefore, avoid surgeons who do not pay attention to details and have a high rate of revision surgeries especially in rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a way different and complicated surgery than any other which requires a great expertise and years of experience in this matter.

    Qualified surgeons use highly precise tools and special techniques due to which every detail of your nose is taken care properly.  Moreover, it may be one of the vital factors in a healing process. With a good surgeon even when a complication arises the success rate is higher and the surgeon will perfectly know how to deal with an issue so that recovery is not a nuisance anymore.

    Male rhinoplasty provides fast results

    Even at the beginning of recovery, you will see improvement in your nose overall shape. Usually, bruises and swelling after rhinoplasty fade after 2 weeks but some residual swelling may last up to one year in particular when an open rhinoplasty was performed.  The great news is that only you and those who know that you underwent rhinoplasty in Poland will see any swelling so you do not have to worry that it will be very visible. Moreover, swelling is gentle and you will feel more confident with every day.  Normally, the swelling will last up to one or three months depending on the healing process and after that rhinoplasty results are more visible.

    Rhinoplasty in Poland

    There are many reasons why men choose rhinoplasty. They vary from injuries in the past, breathing problems to those mainly relying on aesthetics like having a good profile, boosting self- confidence or simply being prettier. Nevertheless, despite all the stereotypes, there is a trend amongst men to look good and be glad about their appearance. If you also would like to change your nose contact Beauty Poland to get to know more about the possibilities of having the cheap nose job in Poland. The prices are very affordable and most importantly surgeons are highly qualified with many years of experience

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