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    Everything you need to know about facelift for men

    Updated October 8, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Who says that facelift surgery is only for women? Everybody wants to look young and everybody is entitled to it. Medicine does not discriminate anyone, thus relax and let the surgeon do his job! The surgery male facelift Poland is very beneficial for men who experience sagging of the face due to the aging process, or weight loss. It is performed for patients which average age is from 40 years and up to around 70 years. Facelift is performed under general anesthetic, the procedure takes only around 3 hours. Our surgeons mostly perform the procedure with the SMASH technique. The surgery has excellent patient feedback, as the procedure effects are permanent.


    A good candidate

    The best candidate for a facelift surgery is a patient whose face and neck have begun to sag. The skin should still have some elasticity, the bone structure should be also strong and well-defined. The best patient should be between 18 years to 80 years. Patient should have sufficient medical and psychological health. Facelift can make you look younger and fresher and is recommended for faces with wrinkles, jowls, eye bags, nasolabial folds. The procedure cannot give you a totally different look, but it can restore the vitality of your skin. Often it is combined with eyelid surgery, fillers injections, or with chin implants.

    How is it done?

    Facelift operation lasts between 2 – 5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. For a mini-facelift sometimes a local anesthesia is suggested. Incisions are made between two and four inches above the ear and then around the front of the ear, around the earlobe into the crease behind the ear, and into or along the hairline behind the ear. That way, scars will be invisible, as they will be “hidden” within the hairline and behind the ears. Scars after facelift are fully mature up 18 months after surgery. While surgery the skin of the neck will be lifted almost down to the collarbone and across your entire neck. After all the skin dissection is done, the surgeon also tightens the next deeper layer in a procedure known as submusculoapo­neurotic system (SMAS). The SMASH facelift results last longer and leave skin smoother.

    How much is it?

    The price of the procedure depends on several factors like the city where the clinic is situated, the professionalism and experience of the surgeon, the clinic equipment. Cost of undergoing facelift procedure in Poland is known to be much cheaper than in Europe, USA, or Australia. Furthermore, in Poland, the price includes surgery, consultation, all medical tests and 1 night in the clinic (if needed). The price for a face lift surgery starts from 2500 GBP. In our broad offer, we may provide you with the mini facelift, lower facelift as well.


    For more specific data on facelift procedure read here, or feel free to contact us or send photos with a short description of your desired appearance.

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