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    Male facelift Poland

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Facelift in Poland is a very popular cosmetic procedure amongst women. But nowadays it is also growing in popularity amidst men. If you are looking for information about cheap male facelift abroad, this article is just for you!

    Who should consider having male facelift in Poland?

    Men whose face and neck have begun to sag due to the aging process, weight loss or any other individual reasons should definitely consider undergoing a facelift procedure in Poland. The best candidate for a cheap facelift is someone whose skin still has some elasticity and has a strong bone structure. Facelift in Poland is usually recommended for jowls, face wrinkles, nasolabial folds and eye bags. Our doctors, who specialize in affordable facelifts, are performing this surgery on many men from 30 up to 75 years old. The age is no restriction, the limit is determined only by the general health condition of the patient. We are reviewing every case individually, so if you are not sure if you are a good candidate for this procedure feel free to ask our patient advisors.  After your facelift, most certainly, you will look a lot younger, fresher, lighter, more defined and vital.

    What types of male facelift surgery are available in Poland?

    Beauty Poland is offering all kinds of facelifts, mainly full facelift and mini facelift.

    • Full facelift is a procedure is performed on the whole face region – from neck to forehead. The incisions are made in the lower face area and are barely noticeable after the surgery. The excess of skin and deep creases will be removed, but also the muscles and remaining fat will be adjusted to fit your face perfectly. The procedure, in general, takes between 2-4 hours and is always performed under general anesthesia.
    • Mini facelift, as you can imagine, is a less invasive procedure. It affects middle or lower part of the face. During the cheap mini facelift, doctor makes tiny incisions around the ears, which are almost invisible after the surgery. Surgeon will reduce the sagging skin and smooth out the wrinkles. Not only the mini facelift is cheaper, but also the recovery time is shorter. The surgery usually takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours and is performed under local anesthesia.

    How much is male facelift in Poland?

    The price of the procedure depends on many factors, like the location, surgeon experience, and every case individually. However, Poland is well known for great prices and amazing surgeons. The price for a full facelift in Poland starts from just 2500 GBP, so you can save up to 70% in comparison to the UK, USA or Australia. But that’s not all! In Poland, the price includes surgery, consultation, medical tests and stay in the clinic, post-surgery check-ups, and any help during your stay abroad. We can also offer you accommodation and all the transfers, so you will be well taken care of!

    Facelift surgery is becoming more and more popular, and gender does not make any difference. If you are a man who is aiming for a younger look, do not hesitate to contact our Team! We are always ready to help you with booking cheap facelift abroad!

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