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    How To Maintain Your Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery

    Updated November 16, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    man combing his hairAfter the hair transplant abroad patients usually can’t wait until they start their life with new hair. But the first thing to know after the hair transplant abroad is how to take care of the new hair. Hair restoration is the procedure that requires care afterward if it is to be successful and of the effects should be long-lasting.

    Hair transplant aftercare

    If you ask yourself how to take care of my hair after hair transplant first thing to know after the hair restoration is that there is special hair transplant aftercare that You can follow to maximize the good results of the procedure. First of all the skin will be more sensitive than usual after the operation. The best thing to do after the hair restoration is to stay away from any irritants such as heave perfumed hair products or sunlight. Therefore, it is a good idea to have this op in the countries with mild climate such as Poland, instead of hot and sunny Turkey or Greece. So don’t search for: how to take care of my hair after hair transplant – just follow this simple rules: keep Your head wrapped for the first day and night after the operation with a cap or bandanna, keep Your head elevated at night to minimize pain and pressure on head skin and don’t wash hair for the first day and night.

    What are the possible problems after baldness treatment?

    In case of severe balding, the baldness treatment such as hair transplant might take a few sessions. In between each of them, there will be a few months of the healing time. It is possible to develop an infection on the scalp after the operation, although it is rare if you take proper care of Your hair and maintain moderately healthy lifestyle. Some people have some scars on their scalp and there might be excessive bleeding involved. Some hair follicles may die resulting in no new hair. The other effect that is rare but possible is unnatural, patchy look of the new hair. It is common to feel pain and swelling right after the hair loss treatment but if You feel it for many days and the redness and itching are increasing, you should call a doctor as this may be signs of infection after the hair loss treatment.

    What are the Hair Transplant Aftercare Instructions?

    There are some instructions to follow to minimise any negative experience after the operation. Hair Transplant Aftercare Instructions usually include placing the ice pack on the forehead or back of the head to reduce swelling and pain. During the first 24 hours of Your hair transplant recovery, Your doctor probably will advise You to rest and stay at home. This way hair transplant recovery is faster and less painful. After 24 hours You might wash Your hair, although use gentle products such as baby shampoo. This might be used for a first 5 days, after which You may resume normal self-care. Cool water wash during the shower may give some relief. In order to prevent producing of the scab, You may use gentle moisturizing conditioner after 5 days and apply it for 5 minutes on Your hair. During the first days, You may also wash Your hair gently with the cup of water and baby shampoo instead of the shower, if it causes too much pain.

    After the operation refrains from picking at or rubbing Your scalp. It may itch provoking this kind of reaction, but it may result in the loss of the grafts falling. It is better to refrain from drinking the alcohol for the first 5 days after the procedure as it may interfere with blood circulation. It is not advisable after any operation, but in case of this one it is especially dangerous as the blockage of the blood flow to Your head can stop hair from growing. The same may be said for cigarettes, which should be avoided for the first month after the procedure. After the surgery, You may go back to sports, although it is better to wait for the first few weeks. Especially if You wish to play contact sports such as basketball or the exercise where You use Your head for support such as yoga and breakdancing. The other thing is that excessive sweating is not advisable for the first month after the operation as it may increase the risk of infection.
    Medicine after the operation
    Due to pain and redness right after the operation, it is possible that Your doctor will tell You to take some anti-pain drugs. The important thing to know is to not take Aspirin, Vitamin A or common over the counter pain medication such as Ibuprofen as they can increase blood flow which can result in worsening of Your healing process.If You have any pain it is advisable to use medications such as acetaminophen, which does not contain aspirin or ibuprofen. If there is an elevated risk of infection the doctor may prescribe an antibiotic.
    Hair Transplant Poland

    Poland is a great place to undergo Your procedure. First of all for practical reasons, as it has a mild climate which is good after the operation (as sun exposure may harm Your scalp). The other factor are costs, much reduced as from the typical price of the same thing done in Western European countries. Feel free to contact us if You have any questions about organizing Your trip to Poland. We are in contact with the best clinics and doctors, so we are able to answer any questions. Polish doctors are one of the best in Europe, working and studying in countries such as United Kingdom, Norway, and Germany.

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