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    Liposuction results – How long can you expect your liposuction results to last?

    Updated February 25, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Liposuction vibro lipois the best solution if you look for removing unnecessary fat from any of your body parts. After affordable lipo abroad, you will start a new life and enjoy the excellent results for the rest of your life. Liposuction is only the first step, as after the surgery you will need to follow the instructions given by your surgeon in Poland, thanks to which you will maintain the effects forever!

    What happens right after liposuction Poland has been performed?

    When your liposuction in Poland is performed under general anesthesia, you stay in the clinic for one night. If your surgery is done under local anesthesia, you can leave the clinic a few hours later. Immediately after surgery, you will be given a special compression garment which you will wear according to your doctor’s instructions. It will reduce swelling, bruising and optimize the later effects. You can feel some pain after liposuction, but your doctor will prescribe you painkillers to alleviate it.

    On what the results of liposuction Poland depend?

    Regarding the results of your lipo abroad, they will depend on how much excess fat you have. The more fat, the more spectacular the effects will be. If you do not have much fat to get rid of, liposuction will help you predominantly unveil your muscles and model your body.

    The results of your liposuction abroad depend also on the recovery process very much. During your stay in Poland, the doctor will provide you with the recommendations and will explain what you should do to achieve the best results. You also need to keep in mind that the effects are not visible just after the surgery and you must wait several months to enjoy the final results!

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    What can I do to make the results of liposuction Poland last?

    In order to have the best results after your liposuction in Poland, you just need o to follow your doctor’s instructions. They will also speed your recovery process, and as a consequence, the effects will be visible sooner. First of all, you need to wear a compression garment given to you after the surgery. Your doctor will explain to you how long and when you should wear it exactly. Also, you should not refrain from physical activity and gradually increase your activity. Of course, for the first few days you will only walk short distances, but if you feel good, you can increase the activity step by step and after several months daily physical activity should become your pleasant routine. After your lipo abroad, you will also follow a special diet which for the first few weeks can be different from what people normally eat, but after all, you will eat regularly and healthily. As long as you follow these instructions, the effects of your liposuction in Poland will last for a lifetime.

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