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Liposuction vs. Gastric Banding - Which Surgery Will I Benefit from Most?

Updated February 24, 2019
ClinicHunter Ltd

Liposuction and gastric band are two surgical procedures which result in weight loss. Although both surgeries effects may look similar, they are basically very different in their execution and purpose. Liposuction removes fat instantly from specific body area. Surgery aims to shape specific part of the body, it is not recommended for patients with obesity. For overweight or obese patients gastric band surgery is advised. The gastric band surgery reduces the capacity of the stomach, which leads to a significant reduction in the amount of food consumed. That is why patients after weight loss surgery lose weight.

Liposuction removes stubborn fat

Liposuction is most frequently chosen for cosmetic reasons to remove stubborn fat and shape some body areas. It is a perfect choice when diets and exercises are helpless. It worth to underline that liposuction surgery is a body reshaping procedure, which results in weight loss, but that is not a weight loss surgery. Just after liposuction procedure patient has promised slimmer body, but the surgeon will warn you that you can’t gain more than a couple of kilos as otherwise, you’ll be back where you started. While liposuction surgery surgeon makes small incisions and sucks excess of fat, commonly surgeon removes 3 – 5 liters of fat from one area. Many patients transfer own fat to breasts or buttocks.  Both Liposuction and gastric band surgery are performed under general anesthesia.

Liposuction vs Tummy tuck – check the difference.

Gastric banding treats obesity

Gastric banding surgery may be performed for both medical and aesthetic results. It is quicker than liposuction surgery, as it lasts only 30 – 60 minutes. Doctor makes small incisions in the abdomen for a laparoscopic procedure to fasten a band around the upper stomach. This procedure is mainly recommended for obese patients. Just after surgery patients will not see any results. It is necessary to keep a healthy diet and do some exercises to improve surgery effects. The most important fact is that after gastric band surgery external and internal fat will be removed (your heart, kidney, the liver will benefit also).

LiposuctionBariatric Surgery
Removal of external fat from specific body area (tummy, arms, thighs)Overall reduction of fat in the body
External fat removalExternal and internal fat removal.
Performed due to cosmetic reasons.Performed due to cosmetic and medical reasons.
Effects are not permanent. Fat may be accumulated in future.Permanent effects.
Not suitable for patients with obesity.Suitable for obesity and any BMI > 27.5

Both of these procedures liposuction and gastric band surgery can be easily done abroad. Poland is a perfect destination if you want to lose excess fat or get gasric banding.

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