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    When will I see my liposuction results?

    Updated January 3, 2019
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    slim belly after lipo

    Reviewed by Tomasz Klos, MD

    Liposuction is a great way to remove excessive reserves of fat from your body areas yet the best results of liposuction are not visible after the procedure. After liposuction abroad, you should be patient as the healing process takes time. Being aware of the procedure and the time required for your body to heal may help you to decide if it is a good solution for you. Therefore, if you consider liposuction in Poland this article will definitely be of great help to you.

    Final result after a minimum of 6 months.

    What to expect  after liposuction

    Although liposuction is not a very invasive procedure than other surgeries, it is still a surgery, therefore some time for recovery and downtime is required afterward.

    Usually, one week of initial recovery is required after liposuction surgery and at that time it is advisable to refrain from work or school. If you have kids it would be a good option to have someone took care of them at the time of healing.

    Right after the procedure if you feel pain the doctor may prescribe you some painkillers to cushion discomfort.  You also will be advised to put on compression garment which will help to speed up the process. The garment is responsible for keeping your skin in place and puts some pressure on the areas liposuctioned which with time dwindle in size.

    After liposuction, swelling is a usual side effect but the scope of it is individual and each case is different in this matter. Sometimes it is possible for some people to have swelling so large enough that it covers the liposuction results for some time, yet there are some cases where noticeable results are just right after the procedure. All in all, the results are fully visible after the swelling cedes.

    Why are results not visible immediately after liposuction?

    Why just right after liposuction results are not immediately visible? Is it all about getting rid of excessive fat and therefore your size? Should you not change your clothes for smaller ones? Receive compliments from your friends on how the way you look? So what short and long-term results you may expect after cheap liposuction?

    When it comes to liposuction the results may not be visible immediately right after the procedure as they get better with time. Swelling is usually gone after 2-3 weeks and for a permanent fadeaway, you should wait even six months.

    Immediately after liposuction skin retracts and also catches up to the fat removal as it happens during the whole procedure. Skin continuously shrinks after a few weeks when the swelling cedes. Only the patients who have loose or inelastic enough skin will not notice the advantages of skin retractions over some time as their skin is not able to be contracted more.

    Devices and techniques applied in liposuction may suggest that skin will be tightened faster and better but it is not really true. Even if, they are only a small contribution to skin improvement but the results are not enormous.

    Ineffective surgeries and incompetent surgeons are the root cause of patients’ disappointment. Sometimes those surgeons who call them experts in liposuction pose danger to health and wellbeing of a patient who was led to believe in amazing results and things they want to believe in. After all, patients feel frustrated and disappointed when it turns out that it all did not come up to their expectations. The truth may be painful and sometimes hard to swallow, therefore it is of great importance to choose the surgeon carefully and do some research before the procedure.

    Tummy before plastic surgery

    When the results will be visible?

    Just right after the procedure the recovery time and initial rest should last about one week. Swelling at this period of time is a usual side effect which for many patients may hinder postoperative results of liposuction. It is of great importance to wear compression garments to lessen swelling and being able to start not hard physical exercises one week after the procedure just to minimize the risk of any complications.  One month after the surgery you may begin to take up more vigorous exercises.

    Fully noticeable results may be visible even several months after the procedure yet it all depends on the patient state and the body areas which underwent liposuction. In some cases, the results may be visible after three months but most of the patients notice them after six months. All in all, fully visible results appear after one year and if a patient is eager to have a revision surgery he may do so at that time.

    Generally, liposuction removes excess deposits of fat yet the results of it mainly depend on the patient’s state. Wearing compression garments aids to minimize swelling and a balanced diet has a good influence on fat cells and prevents from their expansion. It is vital to keep a surgeon’s advice and instructions and additionally lead a healthy lifestyle to satisfied with quicker results.

    When will I see the results?

    Liposuction is one of the most efficient options to remove excessive fat reserves from the problematic body areas. It is common for patients to experience swelling right after the procedure and it may last a couple of weeks to finally cede.  It is also advisable to wear compression garments to speed up the healing process, keep fat cells from expanding and see liposuction results after one year or even quicker. Moreover, leading a healthy lifestyle and taking up light physical exercises a couple of weeks after the procedure may contribute to the fastening healing process and maintaining permanent liposuction results.

    If you consider cheap liposuction in Poland do not hesitate but contact our advisor and ask for more information. Cheap liposuction abroad is a good option for having the surgery performed by highly experienced surgeons and for affordable prices usually competitive with others in Europe.

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