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    Why liposuction in Poland is cheaper than in the UK or Germany?

    Updated February 27, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    vibro lipoPrice is one of the most important factors that influence the decision if to have liposuction or not for many of the patients. This plastic surgery does not belong to the cheapest ones, hence patients look for the most competitive price. As a result, Poland has become one of the main destinations for those who are looking for liposuction abroad. If you are searching for professional surgery, you should, by all means, consider having liposuction in Poland.

    How much is liposuction?

    There is no one price for liposuction. The price is always given individually by the surgeon after consultation or photos analysis. In the beginning, you can get to know what the average price is, but it is never binding, as it can be lower or higher depending on your personal predisposition. Nonetheless, it is strikingly visible that the prices of liposuction vary in different countries. More and more patients come to Poland because we offer reasonable prices in comparison to the USA, the UK or Germany. The average price for liposuction in Poland is 2000 GBP. Of course, this price can be sometimes higher, but often it is even lower than that! For comparison, the average price for liposuction in the UK is 3800 GBP, in the USA – 3400 GBP, and in Germany – 2900 GBP.

    What affects the final cost of liposuction?

    Your price of liposuction will depend on several factors, but note that you will always be told the final price in advance before arrival. There are no hidden costs and no additional payments with respect to your surgery apart from what you have been told before. The price for your liposuction in Poland will include:

    • surgery,
    • anesthesia,
    • medical tests,
    • consultation,
    • stay in the clinic for a night,
    • and post-surgery check-up visit.

    Hence, the cost will always differ from the starting price. You need to bear in mind that the final price may be lower or higher than average price depending on the amount of fat, body part, and complexity of the procedure. The most important thing is that you will be explained all constituents of the price in advance, so you do not need to worry about any unexpected expenses after you decide for your affordable liposuction abroad with Beauty Poland.

    Why liposuction abroad is cheap?

    Poland has become the major destination for patients who look for cheaper liposuction than in the home country in recent years. The low price for liposuction in Poland stems from the fact that the Polish currency is very cheap in relation to British pounds or Euro. The exchange rate is astonishingly economic and cost-efficient from the perspective of patients from Europe or even other continents, like North America or Australia. At the same time, the standard of liposuction in Poland remains significantly high. Beauty Poland cooperates with the best plastic surgeons and modern clinics, which combined with the low price for liposuction, makes Poland a great place for such a treatment.

    Beauty Poland assistant will take care of you as well as possible. You will be explained the course of treatment, procedure, and given the final price before you book your flights. Also, we will help you organize your flight tickets and accommodation. You can buy our all-inclusive package, thanks to which we will organize everything for you! 

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