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Liposuction in Poland - which type should I choose?

lipo 1. Why do patients recommend liposuction?

Liposuction in Poland is a procedure which effectively supports your hard work and efforts to achieve your perfect figure. It’s you who specifies which part of the body you are not fully satisfied with, and we help you get the results you dream about. The effects are immediate and your contentment will be long lasting!

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 2. Is liposuction a procedure for me?

When choosing liposuction procedure you need to be aware that this is not a slimming treatment, but a correcting one. Therefore in the initial stage, patients who are significantly overweight are recommended to reduce body fat through physical activity. If your excess weight is slight, or you have small areas of fat tissue that you want to eliminate – we offer you to have liposuction in our plastic surgery clinic in Poland.

liposuction 3. How can I gain from having liposuction done?

Liposuction helps correct the areas that you don’t accept and reduce fat tissue that has accumulated in them immediately. The treatment is 100% safe which makes it one of the most popular aesthetic medicine treatments around the world. Liposuction in Poland has gained support from hundreds of patients who have decided to trust us.

 4. What body areas can undergo liposuction?

Patients usually want to get rid of their love handles, but the truth is that everything depends on individual preferences. Women usually choose abdomen liposuction in Poland and hips liposuction. Men usually focus on their flanks. However, it’s not the rule.

 5. Which type will be the best for me?

Because of the continuous progress of medicine, changes have also occurred in terms of liposuction. Currently, there is a choice between several different types of liposuction such as tumescent liposuction, wet liposuction, dry liposuction and powered liposuction, but the final choice should be made with the assistance of a doctor. During the consultation, our specialists will provide you with knowledge about available methods and explain which one suits best in your case.


Liposuction in Poland – before and after gallery

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