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    Liposuction prices – How much does liposuction cost?

    Updated February 25, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    body after liposuction Poland

    Liposuction abroad is a leading procedure among plastic surgeries abroad. More and more male and female patients choose this solution of body improvement. The prices for liposuctions vary from country to country, no wonder many patients start looking for a cheap liposuction abroad. With Beauty Poland you can get very afordable price for liposuction abroad.

    What does the liposuction price depend on?

    There are several factors influencing the price for liposuction. First of all, the bigger body part needs improvement, the more expensive your surgery is. If you want to have liposuction Poland on your chin or ankles, the price will be much lower than for stomach or back areas. Also, you will pay less if you do not have much fat to remove. In Poland you will be always given an individual and as affordable as possible price for your liposuction provided by your surgeon in advance. If you think of more than one body part and decide to have cheap liposuction abroad, it is more cost-effective to combine liposuctions of various body parts than splitting it to several surgeries. Your price for combined surgeries in Poland will be much cheaper than for separate surgeries. There is a growing tendency among patients to come for cheap liposuction abroad. The prices for liposuction vary significantly between countries and having liposuction abroad, you can save even 70% of your money!

    Which type of liposuction is the cheapest?

    In Poland, you can have various types of liposuction, apart from cheap traditional liposuction, you can opt for modern techniques such as smart lipo Poland, body jet liposuction abroad or vaser lipo Poland. You can have non-invasive techniques of liposuction in Poland, which are generally the cheapest because they do not require anesthesia and stay in the clinic. Regardless of the liposuction type, you will always be given an individual price by the doctor, as there are many factors to consider while establishing the price. The differences in prices for liposuction stem from the complexity, amount of fat, and concerned body parts, rather than from liposuction type. You can choose the type of liposuction that, you feel, will be most comfortable, convenient and effective for yourself. If you are not sure about the type, your surgeon in Poland will help you make the decision so that you will have the effective and cheap liposuction abroad.

    Why liposuction in Poland is that cheap?

    If you decide to have your liposuction in Poland, you will be amazed how cheap liposuction can be. The reason for that is an exchange rate. The price is always given in Polish currency, which converted into British pounds, dollars or euro becomes astonishingly low. Hence, Poland is such a popular destination for medical tourists looking for cheap plastic surgery abroad.

    Check liposuction – questions and answers.

    How much can I save on liposuction if I choose to have it done in Poland?

    Your liposuction in Poland can be even three times cheaper than in your home country. You will be always given the final price for your surgery in advance, so there are no additional costs after your arrival. For many patients, it is unbelievable how cheap liposuction in Poland can be. We will also help you find the cheapest flight tickets, the price of which starts from 15 GBP! If you buy our all-inclusive package including accommodation in a 3-star hotel with breakfasts, pick up from the airport and all transfers between your hotel and clinic during your stay, you will save even more!

    Liposuction price comparison:

    Below you can check the average prices for stomach liposuction in Poland, the UK, Germany and the USA

    Poland is a leading country for patients searching for cheap liposuction abroad. The prices for liposuction in Poland are even twice as affordable as in the UK or the United States. Still, the quality of cheap liposuction in Poland is really high, as our private clinics meet the European standards. Beauty Poland staff will help you get the most affordable price for liposuction abroad, find the cheapest flight tickets and organize your stay in Poland!

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