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    Learn how you can enlarge you lips

    Updated March 14, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    There are different methods of surgical lip enlargement used in plastic surgery: korium, cutting on the edge method and inserting implants. There are also very popular injections used to enlarge the lips. Read about the details below and find the most suitable method for you.

    Korium – dermis graft for lips

    Lips can be thickened with dermis graft (korium). The place of the donation may be less visible scars or areas of the body (around the lower abdomen, the tail bone). A thin strip of skin is cut, incisions in the corners of the lips are made and the skin is inserted thru the incisions- the strip stays in the mouth. Such a filling is permanent.

    The incision is made along the red lip border, on the edge where the lips connect with the flesh-colored skin above the upper lip. Then, a strip of the skin above the upper lip is removed and the lip is lifted up and sutured to the top. This technique can be applied also for the lower lip. This way is very effective for people with very thin lips.

    Fillers may also help enlarge your lips

    Very common today are also the temporary methods of lip augmentation, based on a series of injections of fillers. The details of this method of lip augmentation and our offer in this field can be found on our website: lip augmentation. Currently, the newest way to enlarge lips is the insertion of implants. These implants are made of soft, solid silicone (material known and used in medicine for forty years), using a special technique of production. They have a natural shape and a smooth surface. They can not break and there is no danger of “spilling” the contents because they do not contain any liquid. The implant may be, at the request of the patient, removed or replaced with a larger / smaller one.

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