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    Types of incisions for breast augmentation – will I have scars after surgery?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    female holding breast after enlargementIf you want to come for your cheap breast enlargement to Poland, you should realize that there are different types of incisions that can be made. The place and size of the incision are determined by the complexity of the surgery and the results which you would like to achieve. And the incision, on the other hand, determines the scarred place and visibility after your breast implants in Poland. In this article, you will find necessary information regarding incisions and scars of your cheap breast implants abroad.

    Periareolar incisions

    The incision is really small, made around the lower part of the areola. Thanks to this incision, the scar can be well hidden especially if the color of skin and areola differ greatly.

    Advantages of such incisions:

    • placing an implant is very easy and accurate
    • possibility to place implant either below or above the muscle
    • even if implants are of a large size, the scar will be concealed
    • it does not exclude the possibility of further breast surgeries, e.g. breast lift
    • the scar is almost invisible.

    Breast enlargement types of incisions

    Source: Lotus Medical

    Infra-mammary incisions 

    It is the most popular incision regarding breast enlargement in Poland. This is the most popular incision used by polish surgeons. It is made within breast folds, which allows for an easy and direct placing of implants below or above the chest muscle.

    Advantages of infra-mammary incisions:

    • the breast pocket is clearly visible
    • the scar is hidden by the natural breast folds
    • such incisions make a good approach for the further breast surgeries
    • no negative influence on breastfeeding in the future as the breast tissue remains intact.

    Trans-umbilical incisions

    The incision is made within a belly button. The surgeon inserts a thin tube and places it under the skin towards breasts. With a surgical instrument, the surgeon makes the place for a saline implant.

    Advantages of trans-umbilical incisions:

    • there is no scar on the breasts, the scar on a belly button is hidden in the navel
    • implants can be placed over or under the muscle
    • lower risk of infections or complications, as the number of incisions reduced to the minimum
    • implants do not cause any tension on the incisions.

    How long will my scars after breast implants surgery be?

    After your breast implants in Poland, the surgeon will tell you how to take care of your breasts and wounds in a way that heals fast. The recovery time after your cheap breast enlargement abroad is extremely important and you need to follow the surgeon’s instruction in order to achieve the best possible effects. The scars will have a red color at the beginning. However, after 3-5 months, they will fade away and become almost invisible and well hidden by your natural skin folds and contours.

    Beauty Poland offers you cheap breast implants surgery abroad performed by a certified and experienced surgeon in a modern clinic. We guarantee the high quality of the surgery as well as one of the most affordable prices in Europe. Just contact us and we will organize everything for you! The incision type will be individually chosen by your surgeon in a way that the scars afterward will be unnoticeable and naturally concealed in your body!


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