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    How to improve ear shape? Otoplasty abroad

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Earlobe is a three-dimensional structure built of cartilage skeleton which forms the shape, a small amount of subcutaneous tissue and thin skin. The location of the ears allows you to hide their defects with hair. However, they are often the cause of complexes. How can otoplasty abroad help with this problem?

    How ear surgery is done

    The most common cause of visits to a plastic surgery clinic in Poland is because of the ears are the protruding auricles. To correct this problem an incision on the posterior surface of the auricle is made and the ear cartilage is reformed. The modeling of the cartilage can be done with cuts and / or sutures. The use of cuts by an inexperienced surgeon may leave visible, unnatural-looking edges. The usage only of the sutures may result in recurrence of the protruding ears. That’s why most plastic surgeons use a combination of these two methods. This procedure can be performed in case of even a few year old (6 – 7 years) children under local anesthesia. Depending on the surgery, a patient has to wear a protective bandage over the ears for 1-4 weeks.

    ear surgery in poland

    What defects can be treated by otoplasty

    Less frequent defects of the external ear include other defects in the formation of ear and the abnormal development of the external ear. The toughest in the correction are underdeveloped outer ear birth defects associated with the lower part of the facial skeleton. The underdevelopment of the auricle defined as microti may vary from a partial underdevelopment to the absence of the external ear. In such cases highly specialized treatments are necessary, including the rib cartilage transplant.

    There are also injuries acquired as a result of the auricle mechanical demage. The most common injuries are caused by earrings, which tear the lobe and interrupt the continuity of the cartilage.

    There are no non-surgical methods for correction of the external ear.

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