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    Hair transplant Poland – Recovery

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Your decision to have cheap hair transplant Poland is a first step to improve your appearance, mood, and quality of life. We offer you the best method of hair transplant abroad, which is follicular unit extraction. The grafts are taken from a donor area and transplanted to the recipient area. The procedure itself is not complicated but it is vital to remember that recovery period is as important as the procedure. In this article, you will find the necessary information about the recovery after a cheap hair transplant in Poland.

    When can I travel back home after hair restoration procedure in Poland?

    The minimum number of days you should stay in Poland is 3. It is safe to travel by plane or train 1-2 days after the hair transplant. Usually, the consultation and hair transplant take place on the same day and a few hours later you can leave the clinic. You need to come for your second visit to the clinic the next day. Then, the nurse will control the wounds, wash your hair, and give you instructions for the further recovery time. After that, you can travel back home. You will wear a special pressure dressing for 2 days after surgery. Hence, it is advised to return home on the 3rd day after the bandage can be put off.

    When can I return to work after cheap hair transplant in Poland?

    The surgeons recommend that you take 10 days off work when you decide to have your hair transplant abroad. For the first 2-5 days after the procedure, you may feel swelling and your head might be reddish for a week. You can return to your normal activity about 3 days after the hair transplant. The time off your work is to help the open wounds in the donor area heal. About 10 days after your hair transplant in Poland, no signs of the procedure will be visible. You may also cut your hair, especially in the donor area from where the grafts were taken, so that nobody can notice that you have had hair transplant performed.

    When can I shower after hair transplant abroad?

    You can take a shower as soon as you want after the procedure. You just need to follow a few tips to achieve the best possible effects. You should not wash your head between the hair transplant procedure and a control visit on the next day. During that time, you will wear a bandage that you should not take off. The recipient area needs to be washed every day or every 2 days depending on the surgeon’s recommendations with the use of a mild shampoo and water. After your cheap hair transplant, your surgeon will show you precisely how to wash your hair and will provide you with the special products for washing your hair, so the most important thing is to follow your surgeon’s advice.

    How long does it take to recover from hair transplant abroad?

    Recovery after the cheap hair transplant in Poland performed with FUE method is astonishingly fast. You can do any daily activities 2 days after the procedure. Going back to work is advised 7 days after hair transplant abroad because then, any signs of the procedure are no longer visible. You should take a proper care of your hair and wash the head according to your surgeon’s instructions. New hair grows naturally, so even if the effects are not spectacular, they are long-lasting. The hair will grow at a regular pace and after a few months, you will notice a huge difference in the density and amount of your hair.

    Hair transplant in Poland guarantees the effectiveness of the procedure and one of the most affordable prices available on the market. You no longer need to feel worse due to the hair loss, you can just contact Beauty Poland and come for your cheap hair transplant abroad. Your hair transplant in Poland performed by a certified specialist using FUE method is the beginning of your new life. You need to remember that the recovery time and your proper caring for new hair are important as well. Contact Beauty Poland and find out more details of cheap FUE hair transplant in Poland!

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