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    What makes you a good candidate for cheap tummy tuck in Poland

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Abdominoplasty abroad is becoming a very popular procedure, which can help you achieve the slim figure and flat stomach. During tummy tuck in Poland surgeon will remove excess skin and fat, tighten and repair the muscles. If you want to check whether you are a good candidate for a cheap tummy tuck abroad, then keep on reading!

    You have loose skin around your abdomen

    Obviously, abdominoplasty abroad is a procedure which targets the loose skin on your stomach. Hence, to be a good candidate you must have a significant amount of excess skin around your abdomen. Your surgeon in Poland will make small incisions to perform the surgery.In case you do not have enough loose skin, it may lead to tension in the scarring, which may cause not satisfactory results. We are offering full and mini tummy tuck surgeries in Poland, so if you do not have a huge amount of excess skin and it is only concentrated below your belly button, you may be a good candidate for a cheap mini tummy tuck.

    You do not plan to lose or gain weight

    After the procedure you should try to maintain your weight. Many our patients do actually lose weight after the affordable abdominoplasty procedure, and that’s a good thing. However, if you lose more than 30 pounds, it can lead to greater amount of excess skin and muscle sagging. It will negate all of the beautiful results of your tummy tuck abroad. All in all, you should be within 15 to 20 pounds of your ideal weight before coming for your cheap tummy tuck to Poland.

    You have overall good health.

    Tummy tuck surgery abroad is a quite easy and low-risk surgery in general. Nevertheless, it is still a surgery so you need to be in a good health and shouldn’t suffer from any serious health issues. Abdominoplasty abroad is performed under general anesthesia, so you must have a healthy heart and lungs. Furthermore, autoimmune diseases or connective tissue disorders can lead to serious problems with the recovery time and the healing process. Lastly, you should also inform your surgeon if your skin usually develops thick scars.

    You are not planning on becoming pregnant.

    In case you are planning on becoming pregnant and expanding your family, you should wait with your tummy tuck surgery in Poland. Pregnancy can separate the repaired muscles and stretch the skin on your stomach again. This could mean having to undergo the procedure one more time. On the other hand, do not worry if you unexpectedly become pregnant. Your previous abdominoplasty abroad will not have any affect on the health of your baby.

    You have realistic expectations for the tummy tuck abroad results

    You have to remember that even though tummy tuck abroad can have a tremendous impact on your look, self-esteem and comfort, it is not a weight loss procedure! So keep your expectations realistic. You also need to be well aware of the risks and that the recovery time and healing period are not so short. Furthermore, the results will appear gradually. Please also note, that in order to maintain the perfect results of your abdominoplasty, you will need to eat healthy and maintain a regular exercise routine.

    If you are fulfilling all of the criteria mentioned above, do not hesitate and contact our Team! We are always ready to help you with booking a cheap tummy tuck abroad!

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