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    Gastric surgery success rate – How safe is the gastric surgery?

    Updated November 15, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    man after gastric sleeveSafety is a key factor for all those who consider having any surgery. Safety of the procedure is closely connected to the clinic standard, surgeon’s experience and skills and a patient’s general health condition. Needless to say, every surgery involves some degree of risk and complications. Still, bariatric surgeries are regarded as one of the safest procedures out of all surgeries. Weight loss surgery allows obese people to lose much weight, improve health condition and increase the quality of their life in a safe way. Gastric surgery offered by Beauty Poland includes an individual plan of preparation for the surgery, surgical procedure and post-surgery instructions, which altogether guarantee to achieve the desired effects. If weight loss surgery diet and exercising are not effective and you still struggle with overweight or obesity, safe gastricsurgery in Poland is the best option for you.

    Am I a good candidate for a weight loss surgery?

    If you are obese or overweight and feel that your weight constrains your life and have a negative influence on your health, a bariatric surgery is for you. Candidates for a weight loss surgery have BMI above 35. There are different types of bariatric surgeries, including gastric surgery, a gastric band or bypass, and each patient is qualified for the most suitable and effective surgery in his/her case. Recently, Poland offers also a non-surgical alternative to bariatric surgery, which is ESG (Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty). Based on your health condition, expected results and medical history, your surgeon will advise you which safe bariatric surgery in Poland will be the best for you.

    Complications after gastric surgery

    Weight loss surgery, like any other surgical procedure, entails some risk and complications that may happen after the surgery. However the possibility of any complications is extremely low, one cannot say it does not exist at all.
    The most common gastric surgery risk is connected with:

    • body reaction to general anesthesia
    • developing infections and bleeding after the surgery
    • health problems caused by obesity

    Gastric sleeve Poland is the safest surgery regarding bariatric procedures. Firstly, it is the simplest procedure, and secondly, the interference in the body is the lowest. The main complication characteristic of gastric sleeve involves leakage at a staple site. It is however extremely rare. The other advantage of a gastric sleeve over other gastric surgeries is that the long-term complications hardly ever occur. The recovery is relatively fast and easy, yet at the beginning, it is important to strictly stick to a diet plan. You will start with liquid diet and will be gradually adding other food. You will need to be careful to provide your body with necessary vitamins.

    The gastric surgery success rate

    The safety of gastric surgery operation has been proved by numerous studies analyzing the results of the procedure and the occurrence of postoperative complications. Stanford University in California conducted a study on about 270 000 gastric surgeries performed in years 2007-2010. The results showed that gastric sleeve surgery had the lowest rate of complications. The complications occurred in only 0,96% of all studied gastric sleeve surgeries. The researchers analyzed also a 30-day mortality rate, which amounted to merely 0,08% regarding gastric sleeve. On average, the BMI of patients for gastric sleeve decreased by 30%. The fact that gastric sleeve procedure is the safest bariatric surgery has also been proved by the researchers from Cleveland Clinic in Florida, who examined about 2400 patients of bariatric surgeries. They also found out that gastric sleeve has the lowest rate of the necessity to perform a re-operation (which was 1,5%). Any serious complications after safe gastric sleeve occurred in only 0,3% of patients.

    Recovery after safe gastric surgery

    The gastric surgery procedure is performed under general anesthesia while a patient is fully asleep. After waking up, you will not feel any pain thanks to medications. You will leave the clinic 1 day after the surgery. For the most part, the weight loss surgery recovery boils down to following a special diet. You will take in only liquids for the first days and over weeks, you will gradually add solid food. Physical activity is as important as diet. It is important to start walking even one day after the surgery. You just should avoid lifting or tiring activity at the beginning. After about 4-6 weeks (depending on how you feel), you can return to work. Your physical and psychological condition can change from day to day, but you will be under the care of your surgeon, a dietician, and a psychologist through the whole recovery time.

    Read more about dumping syndrome after gastric surgery.

    After weight loss surgery

    You may feel some pain in the belly just after the procedure. The pain is due to the fact that the tiny incisions made during the surgery become sore and tender. In order to alleviate the pain, you will take prescribed painkillers. The pain in the incision places should disappear within one week. You will be advised to rest at least 2 weeks after the gastric surgery procedure. Even if you feel no pain, you need to remember that you will be weak and tender. Thanks to the modern technology used for performing weight loss surgery in Poland, the recovery time is really fast. You may return to your work and everyday activity even 4 weeks after the surgery. However, you need to listen to your own body and let it heal at its own pace.


    Gastric sleeve is undoubtedly the safest bariatric surgery. Beauty Poland increases the safety of this procedure by offering one of the best clinics treating obesity in Europe, where only highly-qualified and experienced specialists work. If your weight limits your everyday life and no diet or exercising help, gastric surgery in Poland is a procedure for you. With Beauty Poland, you will not only lose much weight but also save even 50% of the money, as we offer amazingly cheap gastric sleeve abroad. We will take care of you before, during and after your surgery abroad. With pleasure, we will organize your flights, gastric surgery and stay in Poland. We will make you look and feel better! Do not hesitate and contact us. Together, we will finally change your life for better!

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